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“Orange is the new Black Season 8”: Will we get to see the eighth season of one of Netflix’s first shows ever? Read more to know the details behind Season 8!

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Orange Is the New Black is one of the oldest shows on Netflix. Its journey began in 2013, and the show went on to become one of the most popular ones ever. Over the years, the show has built an enormous fanbase and gained immense traction from the audience. While shows like House of Cards were present in the early years of Netflix, this series did a lot more. OINB often receives the credit for propelling Netflix to success. Naturally, the series went on for a long time. However, fans want to know if we will get a Season 8 for the show. Read the article to know all about Season 8’s status.



Release Status: “Orange Is the New Black Season 8”

While this comes off as a significant disappointment, Season 8 of OINB is not happening. Season 7 of the show was the last one, and the show ended with it. Netflix announced this before the release of Season 7 in 2018. On top of this, they released a video on twitter where the cast members from the show were present. They talked about how their experiences with the show. Presently, it’s been almost two years since the release of the seventh season of the show. At this point, we doubt that the show will come back for a season.

Reasons for show’s end: “Orange Is the New Black Season 8.”

The reasons for the show’s end are pretty clear. By the seventh season, the show had around 91 episodes. A series needs to have an end at some point, and this was the perfect stopping point for the show. The stars in the show have become popular and moved on to other projects. On top of this, the show needed to make way for newer series on Netflix. As a result, the show’s end was saddening but inevitable.

The cast of Season 7: “Orange Is the New Black Season 8.”

The cast for the seventh season of OINB was as follows:

The cast for the show is vast as one can expect from a show that ran so long. A lot of the supporting characters play a role in all seasons. However, all the primary characters are the one we listed above.


Recap of Season 7: “Orange Is the New Black Season 8”

The seventh and final season of OINB saw a lot of character deaths. As a result, every character gets closure by the end of the season. Most importantly, Piper becomes free finally. Pennsatucky dies from an overdose, and Daya keeps running into all sorts of trouble. The prison transfers Alex to Ohio, and she says goodbye to Piper. Piper moves to Ohio to begin a new life. Nicky becomes a mother figure to the inmates, and Flaca helps other detainees at ICE. All the characters find closure to their plotlines, and the show ends on a sombre note with many deaths.

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