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Joe Rogan Thinks LeBron James Could Have Been a Legendary UFC Fighter. Click here to know whether he really means that or not.

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Joe Rogan the famous American comedian. Recently he shared some of his about LeBron James. Joe Rogan recently made a comment about the possibility of LeBron James becoming the legendary UFC Fighter. He thinks so because of a hell lot of reasons that support his thoughts. Very good and fit physical attributes and skills are some of the top reasons to make Joe Rogan think so.

Keep on reading further to find out more. But, before that let us have a look at this video to know more about Joe Rogan-

What did Joe Rogan mention recently and why he thinks so?

Joe Rogan recently said that after the great Michael Jordan, LeBron James will be the next best basketball player of all time. There are a number of reasons why LeBron James is so successful on the court. That’s exactly what Joe Rogan gushed about when he talked about LeBron James potential in the UFC

One of the main reasons that completely justifies Joe Rogan’s statement is LeBron James’ physical fitness and his amazing set of skills.  That’s the main reason why Joe Rogan just gushed out about when he talked about LeBron James’ being quite potential in the UFC.

What so special about LeBron James’ physical attributes?

James is 6 feet and 9 inches tall. Considering the sport basketball, he is not too tall, but he is still taller than the average person. He weighs about 250 pounds and that is absolutely normal for a guy of his size and physique.

Apart from all this, James has a wingspan of about 84 inches. A wingspan of such dimension is a bit above average, considering his height. But again from the UFC point of view, this much long wingspan wouldn’t even be the longest wingspan in UFC.

However, the true power of James lays in his athletic ability, that he shows off pretty well in every game of his. It’s quite commendable to be this fast with that much height and size. His agility, quickness and his cardio is the main reason for his success.

There are even some more abstract things.  Like Rogan said on his podcast that James is a winner. He has the mentality of someone who always needs and wants to win and he would do everything legally possible to make him win the sport.

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