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“Final Fantasy VII Mods” that you can’t miss out! Click to know all the details and the various features of the mods!

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Final Fantasy VII game is, without a doubt, the best game in the field. Since its release back in 1997, the game is the top choice for many players. The unique plot and smooth play are the primary reasons for success. For years the makers planned to remake the game with some latest advancements. But it leapt to pin the decision. Earlier in 2015, the news about the remake spread. The announcement was a big excitement for the fans, and they were eagerly waiting for the release. On April 15, 2020, Final Fantasy VII Remake was out in Playstation 4. It turned to be an instant hit. The game became the highest selling one in the world, with over 3.5 million copies selling in a short period. The fans of the game welcomed this new one with great delight.

Most of the plot reprises the previous edition. But there are many new features added. Also, the same makers are present here too. Kazushige Nojima is the writer of the game while Tetsuya Nomura and Motomu Toriyama, the directors. Square Enix developed and published the game.

“Final Fantasy VII Remake” Gameplay:

It is an action role-playing type game set in dystopian cyberpunk. The plot takes place in a fictional metropolis city Midgar. The players have to control Cloud Strife who joins an eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE. They are fighting against the mega-corporation Shinra. Also, it is a single-player game. There are various mods available for the game. Also, we have listed some below.

“Final Fantasy VII mods”:

Remako mod makes use of Artificial Intelligence to convert all the slurry backdrops into high-resolution type. You will get real-life experience with the visuals. Also, this mod is straightforward to install and use. Another major mod is the Reunion Mod. The feature will help in converting the visuals to HD textures. The audio and video quality is improved, and the texture level is also at the top. The new mods are receiving positive feedback from the players. Also, the makers are planning to introduce many different mods to improve the Gameplay.

The CaptRobau mod is slow due to the health issues, but it will soon hit the mark set. Once all the mods are combined, then Final Fantasy will be a massive success than the current one.

The New character model combines the 3D image characters with Nomura’s conceptual art. Also, advancement brings us some new characters. All the mods are great with the high layout. Also, they are easy to download and use.

“Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer”:

The trailer is out, and we have attached the clip here. You can visit it if you haven’t done it yet.

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