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“The Witcher”: Get all the mods you need to survive the game, Witcher 1! Click here to know more!

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‘The Witcher,’ when it came out in 2007, started as quite a tottering game, which is beginning to get on its years but players can survive it with a few helpful mods. While Comparing the game with its sequels, is a little rough around the corners, which in some perspectives can be found charming. However, there are some things which were always frustrating; after playing its sequels is even more irritating to bear. Although just like numerous old games, there are a couple of mods which help make players stand the game without finding it very annoying. The available options of mods for ‘The Witcher’ is comparatively lower than ‘The Witcher 3,’ but there are a few important ones, helping you play the game in 2020.

‘The Witcher’ mods division is in the form of categories, with all the best mods available out there collected here. Read further into the article if you want to make your game less frustrating and more playable. But first, let’s start by knowing how to install the mods.

‘The Witcher’: Installation of the mods

If you look at it, mods for the game are primarily manual compared to the sequels. Firstly, the player should open up the data folder from ‘The Witcher’s’ install directory, after which they will have to make a new folder calling it to override. Many of the mods will cause the player to drop them directly in the override folder instead of using subfolders. Only a couple will go into the data. However, players must be careful about which mod they save first and which they let overwrite because many of them can replace the other.

However, because there is a lot of work in manually working on the moding of ‘The Witcher,’ better decide which mods to add and not change a thing later. Thinking about working on a new set of mods will double the player’s work. Below are all the mods which are available for enhancing the game.

‘The Witcher’: All mods list

  • The Witcher Overhaul Project
  • The Witcher Texturen mods
  • The Witcher: Hi-Res Character models
  • The Witcher: Black edition
  • The Rise of the White Wolf
  • Natural Shani
  • Text size increase for high resolutions
  • Scabbard mod
  • Complete Sword Overhaul
  • Geralt Face retexture
  • Perfect Blood


  • Fix for perfect blood
  • Catlike Eyes for all Witchers
  • Full Combat rebalance
  • Sex takes time mod
  • Missing Kalkstein and Leuvaarden clues fix
  • Han gives Han NOT Berbercane
  • Talar will always survive
  • Merry Witchmas
  • And a Curse, and Love, and Betrayal
  • The Crossroads
  • Deception


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