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“Kerbal Space Program mods”: Are you looking for ‘Kerbal Space Program mods’? Read to know all the mods!

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Developed and published by Squad, Kerbal Space program is a space-flight simulation video game released in 2013. It is a game about planning, designing and flying the bold explorers and is available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. 

Even it was released more than seven years ago, the players still stick around with the game as this video game has everything that makes it unique from any other video game. It includes freedom, flexibility, creativity and most importantly, Mods. 

Generally, Mods makes it better and fun to play. We have compiled some of the best Kerbal Space program mods: 

Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition Launch Trailer - YouTube

To Mod Kerbal Space program

Since the starting, Kerbal Space program had an active modding community. Initially, distributing and finding mods was not easy and was quite a challenge. However, as the technology and tools are growing, it is making it simpler to find mods. 


  • The Steam Workshop: It is one of the most pleasing extensions from integration with the steam sales platform. From this, you can download other people’s bases, vessels, rovers and stations and add in your library. Unfortunately, the workshop doesn’t allocate more mechanically, aggressive modded content. 


  • Curseforge: It is the official mod hosting service which is associated with the Kerbal Space program. In addition to this, it is one of the most prominent mod managers. 


  • Comprehensive Kerbal Archive Network: It is the open-source and community-supported mod manager. CKAN is entirely up to date and has it’s own stand-alone GUI. Also, it works on all non-console platforms. 

Kerbal Space Program – Breaking Ground Expansion – Kerbal Space ...

Best Kerbal Space Program mods 

There are thousands of mods for Kerbal Space program. We have compiled the must-have mods for you which are liked and respected by the majority of the gamers. 


  • Chatterer: The best part about this mod is that it took real-life audio from the Apollo 11 missions. Then, scrambled it a bit and chopped it into audio files which play in the background. Chatterer gives the impression of a bustling, cross talk and chaotic mission control centre. 


  • Collision FX: This mod adds sparks, smoke, screeching tires, ploughing dirt. Hence, making crashes and screw-ups look amazing. Collision FX also adds an adorable oof noise when the Kerbal flies into something substantial. 


  • SCANsat: The best thing about SCANsat is that the gamers can target flat areas for safe landings, identify the point of interest and also helps to understand the planet biomes fully. 


  • KOS: It is an autopilot control system where you need to write the control code for anything to happen in kerboscript. If you find the vectors and coding fascinating, then this mod is definitely for you. 


  • Near future technologies: These mods are just parted packs which you can unlock from the usual R&D programs. Although there is no teleportation, there are highly refined nuclear reactors and advanced xenon engines. 

Fans of Kerbal Space Program have 10 days to dock with the ...

That’s the wrap for today. For more such mods, STAY TUNED with us!

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