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These mods for Final Fantasy VII makes the game playable again! Click to know about the game and mods!

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Developed by Square, Final Fantasy VII is a role-playing video game released in 1997. The game is the seventh instalment of the Final Fantasy series. 

The game is available for Playstation, Playstation 4, Windows, iOS, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. 

Final Fantasy VII got a remake version this year with the same name and is available for PlayStation 4. 

Even though the game released more than two decades, the popularity is still the same and Modders made it easy and exciting for the gamers. 


How to mod Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII doesn’t have any official steam workshop support, but it’s moderately easy. 

Below are the steps: 


  1. Download and install the game: Here you need to use a PC Version. Purchase, Download and install the Final Fantasy VII from wherever you want. 


  1. Download the 7th Heaven 2.0 installer: After installing the game, download the 7th Heaven 2.0 installer. For downloading this, you have to run the installer as an administrator. It’s safe! You can download it from wherever you want to, and there is no compulsion to put it in the same directory as Final Fantasy VII. 


  1. Launch 7th Heaven 2.0: The set up of 7th Heaven 2.0 immediately recognise where the game data is installed. So there is nothing major you have to do. But, if you see that the install directory is wrong, just simply update it to the correct EXE. 


  1. Select and download the Mods according to your choice: The 7th Heaven has subscriptions to two mod catalogues. It includes Mods of the Round and the default Qhimm catalogue. However, you can add more records if you want to. Just choose the mod you want to try and double click on it to download them. There are various mods to choose from. 


  1. Activate and configure mods: After downloading mods according to your choice, Go to My Mods tabs to see the downloaded mods. At the right side, there are switches for every individual mod if they are active or not. 


  1. Click on Play: It’s completed! Click on Play and the game will load, along with the selected mods. 

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Mods beneficial for Final Fantasy VII

There are various advantages to how Mods are beneficial for Final Fantasy VII. Hence, making your experience while playing enjoyable. 

The advantages of Mods are: 

  • Graphic content: With the help of Mods, the game can be graphically somewhere between Final Fantasy 9 and Final Fantasy 10. 
  • New additions: The mods can help you add new models such as Enemy models, character models, vehicle models, to name a few. 
  • New Music: By installing mods, you can change the music from the original PlayStation to an orchestrated score. The new soundtracks can enrich the game experience and improve the feel of the game. 
  • Translated Game: The modders and fans have translated the game, which makes a massive difference as the spelling errors, ridiculous English and potholes are now corrected. 

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That’s all for the day! For further updates, STAY TUNED with us! 


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