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What Happened When Students Went To School During “The 1918 Pandemics”? Click Here To Read More Details!

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Shivangi Singh
Shivangi Singh
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Just like this pandemic, during 1918 there was an influenza pandemic that is as harmful as coronavirus. So that’s not the first time deciding whether to open the school’s and college’s or not. During that period more than 50 million people lost their lives in such type of pandemics attack. That was like the pandemic which infected the person by touching or any medium.

Most of the countries didn’t open school. Some schools were opened with the thought that keeping the students at school in a sanitized environment is safe and secure. They want to provide proper hygiene to the children. In some areas, the response was positive but some faced bigger issues.

The services offered by the schools during the 1918 pandemic!

The school provided the students with clean and well-sanitized classrooms. All the teachers and staff nurses interact with students after going through the routine check-up. Because during that period most of the students were lived in crowded and unsanitized areas. All due to the living conditions at that time. And from there they had moved to the schools. There they got open areas and a clean environment by their surroundings and maintained social distancing.

At that time in need of a situation, they have to go through the proper and regular inspection to avoid the virus. Students were not allowed to gather at a place inside or outside both. They also isolated from others when any of the symptoms appeared. Proper care and treatment were provided during that situation whenever needed! Below are some pics from the classroom and their proper arrangements.

What was the impact of opening schools?

Although the arrangements were proper yet some of them got infected in some places. If anyone got infected they isolated them and provide them with proper care and also sent them to their families. And allotted them with a physician who takes no charge if required by the family. The intention was good. As compared to the area where schools were not opened, they had better control over the situation.

In some cities this decision is helpful but at some, it worsened the situation. For example, in NewYork, they didn’t do good but not bad also. The cities Which didn’t open the school and following proper social distancing had great control over the situation. As compared to the ones Which opened the schools.

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