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“Fireforce Season 2”: Will Shinra be able to save the forest? Click to know more about Cast, Plot, Release Date and much more!

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Fireforce is a Shonen anime by David Production, derived from a manga of similar name. This anime series has over 24 episodes for the 1st season, while the sequel is still going on. The fire force is an adult series and contains serious adult humour. The first season was not that successful, but the second season has emerged to be a quite remarkable one as compared to the first part.

The second season has already arrived, and this time the artwork and direction are much better. Moreover, the sequel also has a taste of mature drama along with fantastic action sequences. Hence, it has successfully created an impact on the fan’s heart.

“Fireforce, season 2”: Release date

The sequel aired on 3rd July 2020. A total of seven episodes are available till now for the 2nd season. At the same time, the season concluded on 1st February 2020. The eight episode’s release for the second season will arrive on 21st August 2020.

“Fireforce”: Storyline

The first season starts with Shinra Kusakabe, a youth who is known as Devil’s Footprints. He gets such a pet name owing to his ability to ignite his feet at will. Shinra joins particular fire force company 8, a fire brigade team of pyrokinetic that destroys Infernals. Eventually, he gets his first assignment, of saving the wife of a factory owner, who became Infernal.

The story then traces his journey of completing several assignments. The season ends with Shinra’s combat with Commander Burns. The story goes into a flashback where 12 years earlier, Shinra’s mother becomes horned Infernal to save him. Burns arrives at the scene and saves Shinra, but the boy’s demonized mother takes Sho and delivers him to the Evangelist. Burns realizes the awakening of Adolla Link in Shinra, but to conceal him from the White Clad, he tells Shinra that his family is dead.

He concludes the story by revealing that he lost his right eye due to the Evangelist, but gained the use of the Adolla Link. Burns tells Shinra that his demonized mother may still be alive within the Adolla Link, so Shinra arranges to meet Captain Soichiro Hague of Company 4, hoping to utilize his connection to the Link to make his Infernalized mother human again. A few weeks later, Shinra leaves Company 6 and is comes home with a party organized by Company 8, including Hibana, Benimaru, Konro, and Karim.

“Fireforce, season 2”: Plot

The sequel starts with normalizing of everyone’s life. However, Shinra vows to find a  way to convert the infernals back to ordinary people and unearth the mystery of Evangelist and Adolla bursts.  Further, the story moves towards Shinra’s struggle to unravel this mystery and joining with several new members.

The last episode updated was episode7, where the fire force team arrives at Avalon on the Asian mainland. And Takeru Noto reunites with his mother. She discloses that someone ransacked their vegetable garden. The rest of the group prepares to travel to the location of a spatial rift. As they drive inland, the team, apart from Victor who is wearing a mask, are affected by a gas escaping from cracks in the land’s surface which act as a stimulant, causing them to behave erratically and dangerously.

Suddenly, a giant worm-like beast attacks them and a talking mole leaps onto their vehicle for safety. Shinra and Orgun try to divert the worm away, and they unearth the mole, Scop, is responsible for ransacking the Noto garden owing to its potatoes. Scop proposes to guide them to its home, an oasis near the spatial rift which has since been taken over by invaders.

Along the way, they meet Scop’s friend, Yata, a talking crow, and that night the team witness a multitude of Infernals wandering the countryside. When the team arrive at the oasis, Yata shows Shinra the Tabernacle, an Amaterasu similar to the one in Tokyo Empire. Scop leads them through a forest scattered with debris of past human habitation, and they arrive at one of the pillars surrounding the Tabernacle. As they approach, Infernal dogs associated with the invaders attack them, but Tamaki puts them to rest. Later, Shinra hears an internal voice telling him to save the forest.

“Fireforce, season 2”: Cast

“Fireforce, season 2”: Official trailer

The official trailer was available by 21st March 2020. Have a quick look at this trailer video for a quick recap.

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