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“ARK: Survival Evolved”: Get hold of the 12 best ARK mods out there for a better gaming experience! Click here to read more!

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Wow, for being an easy and early access game, ARK: Survival Evolved sure does consist of plenty of mods. This game’s creative community has turned the tables, making the game a haven for players. The quality of these impressive mods a pretty decent for an easy access game. The mods can help you with lots of new cool features every player is willing to have.

Are you looking for suitable tools to give you access for an easy trip to the prehistoric stage? or a change in the speed? Are you looking for tweaks here and there? We’ve got you covered. This article contains twelve mods, which is not inclusive of total conversion mods that can make the gaming experience better for the players. Read more to get your hands on the mods!

‘ARK: Survival Evolved’: List of 12 best mods

  • Pimp My Home-

    Not giving too much stress on its name, the mod is excellent, along with Pimp My Home: Building Parts, reminding you of a Sims game. It has over 50 new building stuff and 80 new decorating materials, helping your home change from primitive to full-on lavish. You can add new stairs, carpets, furniture, windows, and more, making it great for single players.

  • #FreeTheRaft- 

    This mod lets players let out rafts all over the wild, where a family of catamarans grow, and you can roam free, with many floats around. Rafts can be taken in and domesticated using sawdust because they are timid creatures that can run away quickly.

  • Eco in Wonderland-

    Single players can look into this because it helps bring euphoric colours to the vegetation and plant species around. Players also have access to terms that help make a gorgeous garden. This mod will improve your game’s appearance better.

  • Zipline System- 

    Dont want to travel too much? Or climb up and down the mountains? Use the Zipline System as a great way to shorten your travel from a high altitude home base, which is way better than a parachute.

  • Ultra Snacks-

This mod helps players have up to 10,000 of any available item in one slot itself, helping improve managing inventories.

  • ReHUD- 

    This mod increases the chance of spotting you and increasing their visibility. It adds colours to the icons, with the status icons having round themes on the screens right half.

  • Rideable Alpha Dodos- 

    Bring rideable alpha dodos from the past into the present by firing it up.

  • Play as Dino- 

    Being a human might be good, but the real stars of the game are dinos, where humans can swap the form of dinos. There are over 40 options to choose from; also, players can breed baby dinos.

  • Health and Torpor Bars- 

    This mod lets you track if your dino is hurt or they can take more hits. It also helps in spotting the differences between taming and killing dinosaurs, making it a must mod.

  • Noob Starter Kit- 

    In this mod, your character gets a metal axe, ten spears, metal pick, 50 tranq arrows, flake armour, and crossbow. It is useful so that your game does not have to restart again every time you dies.

  • Shopping Mod- 

    You have the allowance to buy items as the mod adds a currency system to it.

  • Jetpack Mod- 

    An excellent method to explore the island you are on.


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