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“Best Civilization VI mods”: Optimize your game experience with these amazing mods for Civ VI! Read more to find out the details!

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Civilisation VI is one of the better strategy-making games to come out recently. The game’s interface worked efficiently, and the visuals are great. However, some stuff in the game needs more optimisation. On top of that, the game’s AI can often be glitchy, which ruins the immersion. Fortunately, there are a lot of mods for the game that will help you have a better experience. The modding communities have developed these mods, and they mostly run smoothly. However, there can be a few errors sometimes since they run individually. Here are some of the best mods we found for Civilisation VI.

Starting Scout: “Civilisation VI mods.”

One of the gripes that players had with the game was the starting unit. While in all the previous games the players had a scout in their faction, this game only has a warrior. As a result, the players were unhappy with this decision. Fortunately, this mod will help you to take care of that problem. It lets the players start with a scout in their faction and overrides the only-warrior situation. The advantage of having a scout is that exploration in the game becomes more comfortable, especially when you are just starting. You can download the mod here.

CQUI: “Civilisation VI mods.”

Dealing with the interface of any strategy-making games is the most annoying thing to do. Even though Civilisation VI tries to make user-friendly menus, it feels clunky to use. It is important to note that these games have a lot of use of lists too since you can edit the sandbox. Naturally, there had to be a solution for fixing the menus in the game. This mod changes the menu in a way that a lot of information is visible in the first glance. It takes out the sub-menus that dragged the game down out of the equation. It is a handy mod to have.

Better Coastal Cities: “Civilisation VI”

Another thing that players didn’t like about Civ VI was how the aquatic tiles weren’t very productive. In earlier games, making your city near the water was beneficial since it had apt resources. However, the developers have nerfed the water tiles in the sixth part, and it doesn’t help its cause. This mod assigns resources and rewards that the player can find from placing their city in water tiles. It helps since you can make better coastal cities once more and get rewards for it. You can download the mod here.

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