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“Slay The Spire mods”: Try out these amazing mods for the popular deck-building game Slay The Spire! Read more to find out what the mods do!

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Deck-building and card games are generally don’t have the most variable gameplay. While the genre has millions of fans across the planet, they agree that there’s only so much you can do. Even if you try to enjoy the variety that the games offer in terms of the deck, getting them is always the same stuff. As a result, the modding community has come up with mods to make the games enjoyable. Although the game doesn’t change a whole lot, players can still enjoy the variety. Here are some of the best mods you could use to make Slay The Spire gameplay more enjoyable.

The Jungle: “Slay The Spire mods.”

This mod allows the player to replace the second act with a whole different act altogether. You get to go to a wild forest full of lions, baby spiders and a huge spider as well. The mod works very well and has incredible detailing for a crowdsourced project. Complete with new lore and characters, it provides the players with a chance to experience a whole further aspect of the game. It is interesting to know that the entire project is the result of three days of work. Goes on to show the community’s dedication to their craft.

Challenge the Spire: “Slay The Spire mods.”

Here is another mod for introducing a new challenge to the game. Elite Rush and Boss Rush give you a stack of resources and several shops for a round of quick deck-building. You also get to pick up huge rewards and relics with this. However, using this mod also gives you a lot of Sneaky Strike card which are an inside joke. There’s not a big downside here, and most of the time you can receive sound card picks for your trouble. If nothing, the mod may make your game more comfortable to play. We recommend using it!

The Bug Knight: “Slay The Spire mods.”

One of the best mods out there, this mod combines two incredible games from different genres. With this mod’s help, you can have characters from the famous Metroidvania Hollow Knight in this game. Anyone who has played Hollow Knight would love this mod. The animations look great, and the cards correspond to the attacks from Hollow Knight. You can even cast spells and such which is astounding. The mod doesn’t merely mask the game with textures but puts in actual effort. You should get this mod and try it out, for it is a fantastic experience.

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