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“Strike the Blood Season 4”: Will Hideyo Yamamoto’s anime series be out this year? Click to know the Release date, Plot and more details!

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“Strike the Blood” is one of the best anime series to date. A light novel series is also present. Gakuto Mikumo is the writer and creator of this epic anime. The story has taken many forms, and one among that is the video animation, which is killing the Internet. This Series has a huge fan base for its storyline and the characters. All the characters have let us wavering with emotions. Manyako is the illustrator of the characters. Hideyo Yamamoto is the director of the video animation, and Hiroyuki Yoshino is the writer of the Series. The famous “Assumed sounds” have composed the music. Also, Silver Link Connect is the publisher and distributor of the Series. The Series has three completed seasons. And the fans are eagerly waiting for the sequel release.

To know more about when the season is releasing and other details, continue reading the article until the end.

“Strike the Blood Season 4” Release date:

The Series was initially out in 2013. Though the story has many other forms like the light novel Seriesseriesand different, it didn’t gain much response like the animation form. From its first season release, the Seriesseriesbecame an instant hit. Animax Asia screens its English version too. The Series turned to be an international phenomenon. So the next two seasons came out satisfying the thirst of the audiences. The makers said the next part would be out on April 8, 2020. it will have a run time of one year. Yes! You read it right. The season will conclude only on June 30, 2021. Though the first two episodes are out the further release is under struggle. Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, many countries are under complete lockdown. Also, the production works have not yet finished.

So for the current time, the season is in the pause mode. The release date is not yet officially announced. We will update you all the latest information.

“Strike the Blood Season 4” Cast:

We believe all the previous voices will be present here too—some behind the scene heroes who bring our favourite characters to life.

  • Yoshimasa is the voice behind Kojo Akatsuki
  • Asamiseto is the voice of Asagi Aiba
  • Rina Hidaka is the voice behind Natsuki Minami
  • Risa Tanda is the voice of Yukina Himeragi

“Strike the Blood Season 4” Plot:

This season will take off from the end of the previous one. Also, the last one came to a halt with some nail-biting scenes. So, we will get our answers very soon. The past season left us in shatters. We saw Princess La Folia lending her support to Kojo. Also, the kingdom is under attacks. So this season will have many action setbacks.

“Strike the Blood” Storyline:

The story takes place in Itogami island. Kojo Akatsuki, a high is a vampire who is the fourth progenitor. He has a lot of powers but finds it hard to control it. Yukina Himeragi, his friend, is appointed as an observer. The two combine and experience a lot of adventures.

“Strike the Blood Season 4” Trailer:

The trailer looks promising. You haven’t yet watched it then you have to take a look at it now.


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