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“The Princess Diaries 3”: What’s the status on the third part of the Anne Hathaway starrer princess flick? Read to know the Release Date, Plot, Cast and more!

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The Princess Diaries has gained the status of a classic film through its feel-good franchise. The movie also helped define Anne Hathaway’s career. While the series is considerably old now, fans of the film still feel excited about the third instalment. However, it has been almost nine years since we saw the sequel to the film. As a result, the demand for the third part of the film is high among fans. There haven’t been many updates about the movie, but there are some things you should know. Read the article to know all that is available about The Princess Diaries 3.

Release Date: “The Princess Diaries 3”

Nothing about the third part of The Princess Diaries is clear as of yet. On the one hand, Anne Hathaway and the film’s producer have mentioned that they want to make the third film. The late director of the film, Garry Marshal, had said in 2016 that he wanted to make the movie in Manhattan. However, Gary sadly passed away the same year, which means that the chances of TPD3 are meagre now. Disney hasn’t confirmed the film either, but there is good news. Anne Hathaway, in 2019, said that the movie is under the works. At this rate, we expect The Princess Diaries 3 to come out in 2024 or later.

Cast: “The Princess Diaries 3

While the movie isn’t necessarily under development, these cast members from the previous films have expressed interest in returning:

  • Anne Hathaway as “Mia Thermopolis”
  • Julie Andrews as “Queen Clarisse Renaldi”
  • Hector Elizondo as “Joe”
  • Heather Matarazzo as “Lilly Moscovitz”
  • Chris Pine as “Nicholas Deveraux”
  • Mandy Moore as “Lana Thomas”

On top of this, there are going to be new names on this list. Since the script is under development, the cast will change as per the plotline.

Plot: “The Princess Diaries 3”

Predicting the plot when the movie is in an uncertain phase is tricky. While the film could take any direction it wanted to, we feel like the crew is going to stick with Gary’s vision. Gary wanted the story to take place in Manhattan. The people linked to the franchise have said that if a third movie comes out, it will be a tribute to Gary. As a result, we believe the original plot from Gary Marshal will come into play for The Princess Diaries.

Storyline: “The Princess Diaries 3”

The Princess Diaries follows the life of a socially awkward teenager Mia who is a bright kid. When her grandmother appears out of nowhere to tell her she’s the Queen of Genovia, Mia’s life turns upside down. She faces tough choices for a teenager and also has to face the pressure of a massive spotlight over her. The second film introduces Nicholas Deveraux, a contender for the throne, who has chemistry with Mia. Mia is 21 in the movie and is to be the successor to the throne. We see Mia’s struggles through this film and explore Nicholas’s character too. We recommend watching the film.

Trailer: “The Princess Diaries 3”

The trailer for the third movie isn’t out yet. You can watch the trailer for the second film by clicking the link below.

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