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“The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings”: How to install mods for “The Witcher 2”! Click to know the best mods!

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Do you want to enjoy the best possible experience of Geralt’s second big adventure? Then it would be best if you went with the “Mods”. Here’s are all the details regarding ‘mods ‘ and the way to download them. So continue reading to get all information regarding ‘Witcher 2 mods’.

The witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is a very popular game at its time. It is still famous among its users. Though Witcher 2 isn’t that famous as witcher 3: Assassins of Kings, but still has its fan base around the globe in millions in RPG back in 2011. so you can still enjoy another playthrough witcher season 2 hype.

At first, you will find the Assassins of Kings quite tough and is not as fascinating as its sequel. But you will love this game as you will get a hand on it.

Here are the best Witcher 2 mods. Install them before you go adventuring with Geralt for the ideal Witcher 2 experience –

How to install mods for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings-

Without Steam Workshop support, now you have to download it in the older way. You have to extract the files like .zip or .rar file to your Witcher 2 install directory. Far read about the mod’s description and their ideas and system.

Pirouette Dodge –

Here’s the Douge animation that is too good .but this mode “Pirouette Dodge” lets you change this. This mode enables you to replay the game . its best for those replayers .  its a perfect way to avoid enemies and survive the game well.

Better Combat –

This mod is too useful to all those players who want to experience different playstyles. Through this players can make combat in the ‘Witcher 2 stable’.  This mod is a superiority to provide stability in build paths and abilities . in other words we can say, it is same as ‘Complete Equipment Overhaul mod’ but with superior qualities.

Complete Equipment Overhaul –

we can say this mod a balancing mod as this CEO mod lets you balance the game. With this mod on, you will experience the same intensity as you experience in the first few levels. So it is a very consistent mod to remain in the playgame.

Potion Oil Duration And Crafting Fee Tweaks –

Few players love to play the game in hack and slash style. So here comes our this potion mode handy. Using this mod player can use less price for that experience easily. But this mod is not worthy to all the players as their cost is variable. So it depends on the persons choice to use it or not.

Glowing eyes –

This mod is for those players who want to feel the game and play it as it is in the books . with this mod on, Gerald’s eyes glow up and give him more predators look as it is shown in the books. So this mode gives you a more realistic way.

HUDTweaks –

This mod lets you improve the HUD of the gameplay . as without the good HUD game can break any moment . and also it is quite an old version too. So you need to use this mod very carefully.

So, enjoy all the mods and be a master of the game ‘Assassins of Kings’.

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