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“The witcher: Assassins of King”: The best mods for ‘The witcher’! Click here to know the best mods!

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Do you want to enjoy the best possible experience of Geralt’s first big adventure? Then it would be best if you went with the “Mods”. Here’s are all the details regarding ‘mods ‘ and the way to download them. So continue reading to get all information regarding ‘Witcher 2 mods’.

The witcher 1: Assassins of Kings is a very popular game at its time. It is still famous among its users and is in gossips among its players since its arrival in 2007.

Howver you will find this game a quite tough and rough around the edges than its other sequels. But once you learn to play it, you will love the game . to make your work easier, here we present some of the best mods that will help you master the game easily.

How to install mods for The Witcher 1: Assassins of Kings-

For installing mods, for the ‘Witcher 1: assassins of kings ‘  you have to go through the old way. This is more of a manual process to do. But once you will do this, you will love the game.

You’ll need to find the install directory for The Witcher and open up its “Data” folder. There you’ll make a new folder and call it “Override.” most files and mods in this folder will overthrow one another . so you have to be very precautious to select which file first and overwrite which one.

Here are some of the best mods for The Witcher 1: Assassins of Kings – have a look –

The witcher overhaul project –

If you love to play the game with higher resolution, then this mod is for you . with the help of this mod, you can update 80% of the witcher’s texture. This mod will increase the resolution of the witcher to give you more realistic feel during the gameplay.

Click here to download this mod.

The witcher’s -Hi-Res character models –

This mod gives a sharper look to the game’s characters. This mod, in reality, doesn’t increase the resolution or texture of the game. But this gives you sharper eyes which let the player feel the sharp and intense texture. However, this cannot fix ‘Zoltan’s’ face. This is an easy way to update your gameplay.

Click here to download this mod.

The witcher: black edition –

Well!! this mod is for black lovers during the gameplay . with this mod on, you can change the colour of The Witcher’s interface, a few characters, and Geralt’s armour. This mod changes the colour to more of black and red . however here exception is the girl in the game, she is less red than others.

Click here to download this mod.

Natural ‘Shani’ –

This mod changes the appearance of the medic ‘Shani’. Time to time, many creators designs its dress. Few argue that saving the patients in a minidress is not appropriate for her work. So using this mod, you can give ‘Shani ‘ sleeves and leggings.

Click here to download this mod.

High-resolution text size-

This mod is very useful and is for all the players of The Witcher 1: Assassins of Kings . as by default text size of instructions during the gameplay is too small to read. But using this mod increases the resolution of the text, and you can easily read all the text.

Click here to download this mod.

So these are some best mods available for The Witcher 1: Assassins of Kings. Go, install them and enjoy the game.

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