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“The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2”: Will “Naofumi” be able to regain people’s faith? Click to know Release date ,Storyline and Plot!

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“The Rising Of The Shield Hero” is a Japanese action anime television series. The series is under the production of “Kinema Citrus” and the direction of “Takao Abo” with “Keigo Koyanagi”. The series takes its story from one of the” light novels” of “Aniko Yusagi”. This series first season premieres between 9 January 2019 to 26 June 2019 on the platform AT-X.

The story of “The Rising Of The Shield Hero” revolves around our protagonist “Naofumi” known as “shield hero”, who devotes her life to save people from odd calamities. Still, in the end, he faces a betrayal from his love. The story has a total of 25 episodes and grabs the attention of its millions of fans . after the success of season 1; now fans are looking for next season.

“The Rising Of The Shield Hero” – season 2: release date –

Here’s a piece of good news to all the anime lovers of “The Rising Of The Shield Hero”, the series will be back for season 2. amid various controversies regarding the series, the “The Rising Of The Shield Hero” manages to hit the watching platform and fans are waiting for the sequel eagerly. More to it, not only series will give season 2 but show makers also confirm about season 3 to wrap up the fate of “Naofumi”. But the question remains same that is when the series is going to release? So the answer is that there is no official announcement from the show makers regarding the upcoming situation because of coronavirus pandemic. But according to the sources, we hope that season 2 will be out by early 2021.

“The Rising Of The Shield Hero” – season 2: starcast –

Of course, we will see our favourite main heroes back in season 2, and they are Raphtalia, Naofumi, and Filo.

Also, we will witness many new faces in the upcoming season as lots of new characters will enter the story to make a story once again a blast.

“The Rising Of The Shield Hero” – season 2: platforms where we can watch upcoming season –

The upcoming season of “The Rising Of The Shield Hero” will stream on AT-X officially in Japan.

However, few other social platforms also have the right to stream it, and they include – Netflix, Funimation, AnimeLab, Hulu, Muse Asia,  Yamato Animation, and  Crunchyroll.

“The Rising Of The Shield Hero” – season 2: Storyplot –

Series “The Rising Of The Shield Hero” despite some controversies has its separate fan base who are curious to know what’s next store for them. But, don’t worry, Here we can have a glimpse at the answer.  The upcoming season will follow up the mysteries of the season finale . as the season 1 ends in a suspicious manner when Naofumi realizes that Glass and L’arc are heroes and belong to the same hometown. More to it they appear to have more power than “Naofomi”. in the upcoming season, we will discover how “Naofomi” will face both of them. We might also know about will “Naofomi” take revenge from the one who betrays him or will forgive them. So be ready to know about all the plans that “Naofomi” has for in dealing with the world.

“The Rising Of The Shield Hero” – season 2: storyline –

“The Rising Of The Shield Hero” is an action story that revolves around “Noafomi “, the person who turns out to be the world’s best defender and can have a  shield. He, along with his ally, takes the in charge of saving the world from the group of monsters. These monsters are known as “Foams”. But “Naofami’s “world came crashing down when he realizes that his only ally betrays him . she also accuses of him of taking her advantage. This acquisition outpowers him in front of his people . as the story proceeds, he tries to regain people’s faith in him . the story is a must-watch full of action, drama, revenge, love.

“The Rising Of The Shield Hero” – season 2: trailer –

Unfortunately, there is no official trailer yet!


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