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“Venom: Let there be Carnage”: Are you ready for another Marvel Superhero movie? Click to know Plot, Release date, Cast and more!

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Venom 2, 0r Venom: let there be Carnage, is the sequel for the Venom movie released in 2018. It is a forthcoming superhero movie based on Venom, a Marvel superhero. This movie’s production in charge is Columbia Pictures and Marvel, while the distribution partner is Sony Pictures Releasing. Venom 2 is the third movie in the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters.

“Venom 2”: Release date

The production of the sequel began early in January 2019, while the filmography continued from November 2019 to February 2020. However, the movie’s title announcement was in April 2020. This movie earlier had an October 2020 release. But due to this impending pandemic situation, everything is at a halt. But fans, don’t be disheartened, the makers have decided to reschedule it’s release to 25th June 2012. Hopefully, until then, this current chaotic situation comes back to normal. Check out Andrew Serkis’s Instagram post confirming this movie’s arrival.


“Venom 2”: Storyline

The Venom movie starts with an exploration of new habitable worlds by some bioengineers of the Life Foundation. They encounter a comet which is full of symbiotic lifeforms. The group, along with the comet, return home and start experimenting on the lifeforms obtained. Unfortunately, while returning due to accident, only a few of the symbiotic organisms remain. Transfering of the remaining symbiote takes place. There, they find that these symbiotes cannot survive without a living host.

In the meanwhile Eddie Brock, an investigative journalist, investigating on human trials comes across a classified document of his fiancee, Anne Weying. Brock confronts the CEO of Life Foundation over the unauthorized human trials, which leads to Weying and Brock both becoming jobless and their breakup.

The story then takes a six-month leap, where Drake’s symbiosis trial is on the verge of success. Brock confronts a scientist, Dora, one of Drake’s teammates for evidence against the human trail. She agrees to help him and gives him access to their lab, where Brock finds one of his friends as a host. But, to save his friend, he jumps inside the chamber, and the symbiote targets him. But after a series of event, Brock successfully escapes from the laboratory, but soon discovers strange symptoms.

The story then continues how Brock becomes the sole source for the symbiote and how Drake tries his level best to retrieve it from him. The symbiote is none other than Venom himself. Both of them eventually form a team and save the world from Riot, the ultimate symbiote. They together decide to kill all the criminals to make the world peaceful again. The movie ends with Brock returning to his career and is taking an interview with a serial killer Cletus. Cletus promises him of Carnage upon his escape.

“Venom 2”: Plot

We expect this sequel to start from the mid-credit scene. With Carnage as the main antagonist, the story may revolve around Venom, how he successfully eliminates Carnage or Venom succumbs to Carnage’s blow?  This sequel may be better than the last one and may involve a lot of intriguing twists along with action-packed sequences. The actual story is still under wrap. So, let’s wait for the movie’s arrival to know what exactly is the plot.

“Venom 2”: Cast

The main star cast includes-

Some newer introductions will also be present.

“Venom 2”: Official Trailer

The official trailer for this fantastic sequel is out. So, fans, what are you all waiting for, let’s check it out.

For any further updates, stay tuned and stay safe.

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