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AMC Theaters plans to reopen more than 100 locations in the US starting August 20th!!

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Our favourite “AMC Theaters” are planning to reopen this month. They are also introducing a few changes in the company’s subscription service. What are the differences? What is the audience’s reaction? Continue reading to know everything about the reopening of AMC Theatres.

  • “AMC Theaters” are planning to reopen at more than 100 locations by the 20th of this month.
  • AMC Theaters” will continue opening slowly around the globe according to the situation.
  • However, they have a few changes in the “A- grade” subscription service.


So finally, after a much delay, “AMC Theaters”,   will be opening by 20 August throughout the US . their declaration of the opening is evident by the emails they are sending to their customers. Starting from August, more than 100 AMC theatres will be opening. Also, it says that “AMC” will continue opening theatres across the globe according to the situation of the place. AMC is also claiming that they will open up more than their two-third of theatres by 3 September.

Well!! this is for sure a good news to all the movie lovers. The AMC  company, the largest theatre chain in the country, operates around 600 theatres in the US. But recently, due to COVID -19 pandemic is facing a lot of challenges in their business . as the economic status of every company is affecting the corona situation, so “Amc” also is a no exception.

The company writes in an email sent to AMC A-List members that soon, we will be opening our theatres at other locations too after further clearance by state and local authorities. This time company taking a safe side says that all the workers and customers must wear masks at the theatres. As the company in June suffers controversy over the comment of its CEO “Adam Aron”. In June he says, that mask-wearing is an individual’s personal choice and not a compulsion while working in their theatres.

The email says customers “can expect continuous extra cleaning and disinfecting of high traffic areas,” that hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes would be widely available. The company also says that they will limit their seats in the theatres and will have a proper spacing sitting arrangement to maintain a social distancing. The company is claiming to use “high tech HEPA vacuums” and MERV 13 air filters. So they are assuring their customers to give as a safe environment as possible.

Their reopening movie will include – “Disneys the New Mutants” and “Christopher Nolan’s Tenet “. More to it, they would be selling a 15 cents ticket on 20 August, i.e., on an opening day.

They are also planning to introduce some changes in the “A- list” subscription service. This service lets the customer watch three movies in a week. So, according to the company now, those customers who have to put their cards on hold because of COVID – 19 can resume their service till 1 December 2020. It’s a personal choice and no compulsion at all.

The company says that one can renew or cancel the service any time at the ease of sitting at home. However, the company is deciding to remove the option of an online reward winning application.

well all the viewers are too happy on listening to the opening of the AMC theatres

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