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FBI raids eminent YouTuber Jake Paul’s residence! Click to know the details on this controversy!

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Be it good or bad publicity; it always results in a spike in the clicks for most of the YouTubers. Most of the famous personality often attract unjust attention. But the actual question is, was this a publicity stunt or were the celebrities a real victim. This confusion is what happened with a very famous American Youtuber, Jake Paul.

Jake is an American youtube, who initially appeared in Bizaardvark, a Disney channel series. But before this series, he appeared in a defunct video application Vine, where he rose to fame. He has always tried to attract the audience’s attention by doing risky and inappropriate stunts for his YouTube content. Paul is famous for every wrong reason, such as criminal trespass and unlawful assembly. This time also something similar occurred. Continue reading to know more.

FBI’s raid at Jake’s residence.

It’s not entirely uncommon on Jake’s part to indulge in unlawful activities for gaining views of his videos. But this time, something serious has happened, and as a result, the FBI got involved.

On 5th August 2020, FBI busts into Jake Pul’s Calabasas mansion with a search warrant. According to the FBI, they were executing a search operation on a specific individual’s residence in Calabasas. They are suspecting this individual to have a connection with one of their ongoing investigations. They retrieved multiple firearms form Jake’s premises.

Jake tries to set things straight amidst the rumours.

After the FBI raid, Jake opened up regarding the attack. He mentioned that the FBI raid was related entirely to the Arizona looting situation, which occurred in May. Jack criticized people who were fuelling these rumours. According to him, the stories are about so many other things that don’t even include him. Yet people are dragging him to this mess.

He emphasized having a notorious member among his inner circle. Paul warned that mysterious person that when he comes to know about this mysterious person’s true identity, Paul himself will kick that person out of his life. He strictly mentioned that if he finds anyone doing wrong, he immediately cuts ties from that person.

Jake coming under the suspect radar: The actual reason.

Jake Paul, Izadi, and another YouTuber filmed themselves at Scottsdale protest, over the assassination of George Floyd. The police arrested them due to the rally and charged them with trespassing as well as being a part of unlawful assembly after the looters committed a heist in the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall. This matter initially was with the Scottsdale Police department but was later handed over to the FBI.

Well, it’s not that common that you would witness a dozen SWAT officers loaded in armoured vehicles arriving at your residence early in the morning. The FBI questioned both Izadi and Jake regarding their presence in Arizona at the time of the heist. What is the most critical question in the current state is how a matter of trespassing involved the FBI.

One of Jake’s friends vouched for him, stating that Jake is framed in this matter owing to his status. At the same time, Izadi is dragged into this as he is a good friend. However, the FBI reported no arrests in the said matter.

Days after this FBI raid, Jake Paul is finally coping up with his ex-flame Tana Mongeau. Both were having a walk with their dog and chilling out a bit while taking proper safety measures.

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