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Google Pixel 5 5G, Pixel 4a 5G Tipped to launch on September 30. Just tap and check all the details here.

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Soon after the onset of Pixel 4a, the 6GB 128GB smartphone having gathered better reviews throughout the globe, Google is reluctant to release its new variant Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G for which announcements are already made but the launch date is still pending. Watch this video to know more about Google’s next plan.

The following are the questions whose answers we will get after reading this article.

1. Release date of Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G

2. Pixel 5 specifications

3. Launch in India

4. Launch in other countries

5. What will be its price

Expected Release Date

If we go by words of Mr. Jone Prosser a tech-savvy famous for unveiling answers of newly launched mobiles. We can expect Pixel 5 5G in two trending colors Green and black to release by next month. However, for Pixel 4a 5G Black the onset is expected near Sept 30 following which its white variant will enter the market by Oct.

Pixel 5 Specifications

Going by specifications of the upcoming Pixel 5 5G it features a snapdragon processor of 765 Goc which is a bit low as compared to 855 Goc Processor of the previously launched Pixel 4 series. The Dimension of the same is expected to be around 144.6*70.4*8 mm with a screen size of 5.5 inches. As per the available information, it lacks a headphone jack.

Other specifications include 8GB Ram and a display of 90 Hz. It is believed that the smartphone will feature the latest android 11, the best of all. Apart from it, other details are yet unknown. Google is planning to bring some new features in it compared to previous models.

Release in India and Other Countries

As per the reports, Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a are not going to release in the Indian market at this moment. But we may see the LTE version of Pixel 4a to release in India. As Google is continuously shrinking its 4a markets for the last few years. with affected markets, the Pixel 5 launch will remain confined to a few countries including U.S. U.K. Canada Germany Japan Ireland Australia, and some others.

Expected Price

If we talk about the price there is still no clarity over the same. In the U.S. it would be around $349. For Indian users, it will be available for purchase on Flipkart. However, prices are still kept confidential. Any news and announcement made in upcoming days will clear the air over its release. We can expect to hear the same by the next few weeks.

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