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“Red Dead Redemption 2”: Unlock all 37 cheat codes available for RDR 2 to enjoy the game to the fullest! Read to know how you can unlock the cheat codes!

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Having all thirty -seven ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ list of cheats will facilitate your Wild West journey far more fun, serving to you mix things up, and far more accessible. There is a square measure of many cheat codes in ‘Red Dead Redemption 2,’ which may assist you in changing the attributes of your character. The cheat codes will help you in accessing unlimited stamina, spawning horses and vehicles, purchase any item you wish by depositing enough dollars.

However, in ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’, you will not be able to use the cheat codes like in different Rockstar Games such as GTA. Here you have got to an extraordinarily specific phrase rather than only getting into a series of button presses to urge access. However, if you want to reinforce your RDR 2 game, then this article offers you every single detail available choices for you.

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’: finding the cheat codes

A considerable risk, the majority of gamers came across a cheat code in the middle of the game, without their knowledge. The majority of the cheat codes are found in unexpected places like a cabinet in a lonely shack or carved on ice. However, there is one brilliant way that can guarantee the idea of you finding a cheat code in RDR 2.

The guaranteed way of finding cheat codes is by buying newspapers oversubscribed by the newspaper merchant in town. However, few cheat codes can only be available after certain levels, since those newspapers can be gotten only then. The publications are not expensive, so take every newspaper possible, take the press, and zoom to the bottom, if you see a tagline underneath then the paper has a cheat code, type the phrase and unlock the cheat code.

“Red Dead Redemption 2”: Entering the cheat codes

It is quite simple to activate the ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ cheat codes, all you have to do is, Pause the game- main menu- settings- cheats (bottom right corner)- press Triangle/Y, for screen navigation. However, if you have not entered any cheats yet, you might see a blank box, but pressing Triangle/Y again will open the box to type in the cheat codes. To activate the cheat codes, you can tap or toggle it.

However, after entering the cheat codes, save the game manually to lock it before trying out any experiments because the activation of cheat codes will disable the saving option for trophies, achievements, etc. So, be very cautious when you use the cheat codes for RDR 2.

“Red Dead Redemption 2”: List of cheat codes

  1. ‘Abundance is the dullest desire’: buy a newspaper from 1st chapter
  2. ‘A Simple Life, a beautiful death.’
  3. ‘Greed is American Virtue’: after finishing Advertising, the New American Art, buy a newspaper in the 3rd chapter.
  4. ‘Death is Silence’
  5. ‘History is written by fools’
  6. ‘You long for sight and see nothing’: after finishing Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern, buy a newspaper in 3rd chapter.
  7. ‘Greed is now a Virtue.’
  8. ‘Vanity, All is Vanity’
  9. ‘Eat of Knowledge’
  10. ‘Share’
  11. ‘Virtue Unearned is not Virtue’: after finishing Urban Pleasures, buy a newspaper in 4th chapter.
  12. ‘You revel in your disgrace, I see.’
  13. ‘Balance, All is Balance’
  14. ‘Be Greedy only for foresight.’
  15. ‘The Lucky be strong even more’: buy newspaper after chapter 5
  16. ‘Guide me better’: level 1, Dead Eye.
  17. ‘Make me better’: level 2, Dead Eye.
  18. ‘I Shall be better’: level 3, Dead Eye.
  19. ‘I still seek more’: level 4, Dead Eye.
  20. ‘I seek, and I find’: level 5, Dead Eye.
  21. ‘Seek all the bounty of this place.’
  22. ‘You flourish before you die.’
  23. ‘You seek more than the world offers.’
  24. ‘My kingdom is a horse.’
  25. ‘Better than my dog.’
  26. ‘A fool on Command’
  27. ‘Run! Run! Run!’
  28. ‘You are a beast built for war’: newspaper after finishing the epilogue.
  29. ‘You want more than you have.’
  30. ‘You want something new.’
  31. ‘The best of the old ways’
  32. ‘Keep your dreams simple.’
  33. ‘Keep you dreams light.’
  34. ‘Would you be happier as a clown?’
  35. ‘You want punishment.’
  36. ‘You want freedom.’
  37. ‘You want everyone to go away.’

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