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“Van Helsing Season 3”: Does Vanessa learn about Lily Van Helsing, her ancestor? Real to know Trailer, Storyline, Plot and more!

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In the third season of the fan favourite vampire dark mystery series, ‘Van Helsing,’ the intensity has risen as Julius, Axel, Doc, Callie, and the rest of the survivors’ fates remain a question mark. However, Scarlett and her mother reunite, killing Dimitri, the villain for season 1&2.

Vanessa experiences weird repercussions, being bitten by an elder vampire. However, Mohammed is now a vampire because of Sam, leaving Sam with the task of grooming him into a luminary partner for joining hands in his dark destiny.

The series is an American-Canadian series, which first aired on Syfy on September 23, 2014. The series has released a total of four seasons, and a fifth and final season is in the making, which is also available on Netflix. The third season came out on October 5, 2018, after which a fourth season aired in 2019.

If you want to know spoilers regarding the third season, then this is the article for you. So, scroll down to read more!

Cast: ‘Van Helsing Season 3’

The main cast for season three of the series, ‘Van Helsing’ is as follows:

  • Kelly Overton, who plays Vanessa Van Helsing
  • Christopher Heyerdahl, who plays Sam
  • Jonathan Scarfe, who plays Axel
  • Vincent Gale, who plays Flesh

  • John Cassini, who plays Maddox
  • Trezzo Mahoro, who plays Mohammed
  • Rukiya Bernard, who plays Doc


Plot spoilers: ‘Van Helsing Season 3.’

The plot for the first episode of ‘Van Helsing,’ which released on October 5, 2018, is called ‘Fresh Tendrils.’ At the beginning of the series, we can see Vanessa’s resurrection taking place to face the legacy of her family, the Van Helsing family. Scarlett, Axel, and the lot try to fight against the Blak Tek team from trying to take Scarlette as one of their lab rats.

The season ends on December 28 2018, with its 13th episode, ‘Birth Ritual.’ In the final chapter, we see Axel and Mohmmed trapped in the crossfire, while Vanessa Scarlette and Sam go in search of the Last Elder. Doc, on the other hand, unleashes the mystery found in the blood of the Dark one, while the Sisterhood and Julius are in a battle against each other.

Sneak-Peek: ‘Van Helsing Season 4’

The fourth season of ‘Van Helsing’ released on September 27, 2019, called as ‘Dark Destiny.’ begins with Vanessa and Lily escaping from Elder Sam. The two have the amulet with them and must try and return to the real world as quick as possible. However, will they be able to to that or not? You will see in the further episodes of season 4.

The fourth season ended on December 20 2019, with its thirteenth episode. Shortly after the release of the final chapter, makers gave an announcement for the renewal of the fifth season, which will be the last season of the ‘Van Helsing’ series.

Storyline: ‘Van Helsing’

In this story, it is a world dominated by vampires, with humans having to struggle to survive. The story focusses on the daughter of a famous vampire hunter, Abraham Van Helsing, who wakes up from a coma shocked to see the vampires dominating the world. Vanessa finally discovers her abilities to change vampires into humans, and that she is immune to those creatures. It is now in Vanessa’s hand to bring the world back to normal in the hands of humanity.

Trailer: ‘Van Helsing Season 3’

Here is the trailer for ‘Van Helsing Season 3.’ Enjoy!


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