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“Kelly Ripa and Lola”: Lola expresses disgust on Mark Consuelo’s “thirst trap photos” in interview! Read more to know the details of the matter!

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Kelly Ripa’s presence on social media is a quite popular addition to her career as a public figure and a celebrity. The actress and Talk Show Host recently had an interview accompanying her daughter. While the discussion was pretty exciting, Lola expressed her opinions about various topics. One of these was her mother posting photos of Mark Consuelos to which she referred to as a thirst trap. However, Lola only meant this jokingly, and the interview talked about various other things as well. We’ve collected all the highlights of the topic. Read more to know about the conversation and the Consuelos family.

About Kelly Ripa: “Kelly Ripa and Lola”

Kelly Ripa is an actress, talk show host, dancer and journalist who was born on October 2, 1970, in New Jersey, USA. While she is most famous as an actress, Kelly started her career as a dancer. She appeared as a regular dancer in ‘Dancin’ on Air’ which was a national TV show. After that, Kelly turned to late-night talk shows and the Television industry of the 80s and 90s. Kelly’s work with Regis brought life to these talk shows. Although her film career has become famous, Kelly gained traction from her work on TV. She has worked in several feature films over her career including Marvin’s Room. On top of this, she also participates in social activism and charity.

About Mark Consuelos: “Kelly Ripa and Lola”

Mark Consuelos is an American actor born on March 30, 1971. He started his career with an educational TV series, but that isn’t why people know him. Consuelos landed the role of Mateo Santos in the hit ABC soap opera ‘All My Children’.This role was a fan favourite amongst the audience, and Mark rose to fame. After that, he worked in various films and hit TV shows. He also had a recurrent role in Season 2 of American Horror Story as well.

Thirst traps: “Kelly Ripa and Lola.”

The interviewer asked Lola about one thing that she would never post on social media, but her mother does. She replied saying that she finds the almost naked photos of her father disgusting. However, she said it with a chuckle in a joking manner. They also asked her one thing that she doesn’t like about her mother on social media. Lola said that she doesn’t understand why her mother replies to haters. To this, Kelly butted in and said that her followers like her ‘epic clapbacks’.

The mother-daughter duo also talked about some heart-touching stuff. Lola said in the interview that she loved her mother for inspiring her for becoming a musician. She also credited Kelly for her kindness and her gentle spirit. Kelly too, in turn, expressed her affection for her daughter and told her what she loved about her. The interview was lovely as one can expect from a discussion between a mother and daughter. However, now we can understand that even celebrities feel embarrassed by their parents’ social media at times.

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