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“Minecraft”: Here’s how you can use Minecraft smoker’s in various ways!

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A block, the usage for which is to cook food items is known as a smoker. A smoker is supposed to be the same as a furnace, but it does the work two times faster than a stove. The smoker can also do the job of serving as a butcher’s job site block. Pushing smokers with pistons is not possible.

If you are interested in knowing more about this item from Minecraft, then this is the article for you! Scroll down to learn more about the Minecraft Smoker.

‘Minecraft’: Uses of the Smoker

  • Smelting- A smoker is supposed to be the same as a furnace, but it does the work two times faster than a stove. The block changes to lit when the food item and fuel are put inside a smoker, making it cook the food item. The number of items made every fuel remains as it is. It happens as the rate is double for the usage of fuel in a smoker than a furnace. The experience points in an oven are half more than that of a smoker. Players can collect the item by using a hopper to retrieve the output or by selecting the option, use on the smoker itself. However, popped chorus fruit is not edible, so they can not be cooked on the smoker.
  • Light Source- Just like every other furnace, a level 13 light emission is possible by the smokers.
  • Custom Name- The GUI of the smoker naming is as ‘Smoker’ only by default, but players can customise the default name with the help of an anvil format right before placing it. An anvil is something players use for repairing items. However, players can also change it by making changes in the CustomName tag with the help of the /data command.



  • Change profession- Any villager without a job site block which is near the area of a smoker which someone is yet to claim, can change their business to a butcher and claim the smoker for themselves.
  • Lock- Using the /data command and setting the tag to Lock, locking a smoker can be possible in the java edition of the game. The player should be holding an item with a name same as the text of the Lock tag. Otherwise, they can not open the smoker if the lock tag is empty or blank. For instance, the player should be holding the item called smoker key to open the smoker lock at (0,64,0). For doing that, they can type in /data merge block 0 64 0 { Lock: “Smoker Key”}.


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