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“Taylor Swift’s Love Letter”: Taylor’s new song “The Lakes” is a sweet love-letter for her boyfriend Joe Alwyn!! Read the article to know the details of the song!

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Taylor Swift’s surprise drop of an album a while ago in 2020 meant everything to her fans. Social media went crazy with people’s excitement about the album. On top of this, the record was incredible! From critics to fans, everyone raved about how perfect of a comeback Taylor had. Now, one would think the generosity stops there, but Swift had one more surprise for her fans. There’s a bonus track on the physical copy of her latest album ‘Folklore’ by the title of ‘The Lakes’. Everyone who has heard the song is saying that it is a love letter to Joe Alwyn. Read more to know about this song and Taylor’s new album!

The Lakes: “Taylor Swift’s love letter.”

The song’s lyrics are in the form of poetry about Swift’s yearning to be at a place. The words of the song describe her emotions well enough. However, they also make subtle references to her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. While she doesn’t mention his name anywhere, one can easily understand what she means. Some people believe Joe might have co-written some songs on the new album itself. This song comes off as an ode to Taylor’s work and recognition of where she’s gotten.

About Folklore and other works: “Taylor Swift’s love letter.”

When none of Swift’s fans had any news of a new record coming out, the album came out as a surprise. Folklore hit streaming services and stores on July 24, 2020. “Folklore” has mostly received praise from critics for how Taylor reinvented her sound. While her last album “Loving” didn’t do very well, this one was seen as a comeback by many. Even before that, Reputation had come out in 2017 and received mixed reviews as well. Naturally, fans were excited, and the news of Taylor releasing a record went immediately viral. You can listen to “Folklore” on any streaming sites like Spotify, Apple, etc.

About Taylor Swift: “Taylor Swift’s love letter.”

Taylor Swift is an American pop singer, songwriter, and celebrity who was born on December 13, 1989. She started her career at the age of 14 when Sony/ATV Music signed her. Swift released her debut album in 2006 and quickly saw tremendous success. After that, her career took off as her releases climbed the charts and Taylor became popular across the world. Since then, Taylor has released about eight albums with “Folklore” being the latest one. Taylor has also worked with much other famous music artists in collaborations.

Outside of her musical career, Swift has worked in films like Valentine’s Day, The Lorax, The Giver, and Cats. Recently, a documentary about her came out on Netflix. Its name was Miss Americana, and it explored how Taylor dealt with her dispute with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. It talks about her mental health and seems like a very personal project for her. Swift’s career has been controversial because of these incidents, and she has mentioned that dealing with hate was very tough. However, we believe this year has been better for Taylor, and that reflects in her work.

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