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US President Donald Trump Has an officially Verified Account On Tiktok’s Rival application “Triller”! Click to know more.

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Shivangi Singh
Shivangi Singh
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After signing executive order, now trump has a verified account on tiktok rival Triller. Previously the Bytedance was disapproved by trump due to china involvement. And tiktok is Chinese app and because of that after Bytedance disapproval of video app tiktok trump now have a triller verified account with 3 thousands and more followers.

Tiktok alternative, Triller have experience of several downloads from 6 August 2020. It’s a new campaign to boycott the Chinese app and everything related to china due to coronavirus pandemics. For that transactions with tiktok till ‘bytedance’ is prohibited by Trump.

Bytedance order by Trump!

To deprive the US operations of Tiktok, Trump ordered Bytedance order previously. To achieve this he have to reach 5000 Triller followers on his verified account. According to reports this number is very low as compared to others verified account followers. Usually one’s account get verified when there are millions of followers are present. Triller is a replacement of tiktok because the US is concerned about the user’s data may leaked.

Concerned expressed by th United States as they have doubts that china may cause harm to the user’s may get users information for sure. The Chinese owned app reaching user’s data and information about the user’s. To sell the, Newzealand, Australian and American operations Bytedance is in talks and concerned. Due to the coronavirus pandemics caused by china, this concern by different countries are natural as they don’t want china will do something wrong with their data.

TikTok’s replacement Triller!

Tiktok app is a video making app which is used by millions of people’s all over the world from past few years. And the app is owned by china which caused serious issues now due to coronavirus pandemics caused by china from past few months. And now the alternative of this app named Triller came along with lot’s of same features in United States. On which trump gots a verified account with more than 3k+ followers on Saturday and now looking forward for more.

Various dance lovers, actor’s, artist were using tiktok for their entertainment and to earn from tiktok. Various filters are present in this app with lot’s of other features. From past few years tiktok was a trend for people’s. And now due to coronavirus pandemics caused by china, most of the countries banned this app in their countries. Trump’s account have 3 video’s and 3000 followers but this campaign takes some time to reach the goal.

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