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“Escape from Tarkov”: What are the best features and techniques of the game?

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Escape from Trkov is one of the best and successful video game in the world. Though it is applicable only for the Windows, the game still has many advanced features and techniques. If you haven’t yet played the game, then we highly recommend you to do it now. The game is very smooth and flexible to play. It comes with many unique modes that help you to play. Russian Studio Battlestate Games is the developer of the video game. Also, they are the publisher too. The game has a unique plot which is both interesting and action-based. Another significant advantage of the game is it is a multi-player mode based. You can play it with your clan. So get ready with some armours because we are going to explore this action world of the game. To know more, continue reading the article until the end.

“Escape from Tarkov” Release date:

Initially, the closed beta version of the game was out on July 27, 2016. The game became an instant hit all over the world. But the makers announced that the game would be applicable only in the Windows medium. It seems this video game will suit the windows. On August 4, 2016, the closed alpha version of the game was out. This version had some advancements but still not many changes. Even this version was a successful one. The fans are waiting for another version with more updated features. But the makers are not in talk about this. Also, we believe it will not happen at the earliest.

“Escape from Tarkov” Plot:

The game takes place in Norvinsk region of the Northwest Region of Russia. There is a war going on between two parties – United Security and the BEAR group. The player has to either join any one of the groups to escape or reach the loot. Also, the seizure will have all the necessary types of equipment like firearms, armour etc. You will have to flee from the location. You can choose the player of your own choice. Also, the plot is ultimately an action-based one. So if you love that genre, then you have to try this game.

“Escape from Tarkov” Gameplay:

It is a Massively Multiplayer Online(MMO) type game. Also, it is a first-person shooter type. There are various modes available which include Online PMC raids, Scav raids and offline temp raids. The player will have an extraction point where he should reach. He can make use of the map. Also, there will be a hideout to store all the necessary equipment. It will come in handy at times. The travel might be hectic, but the game is very flexible and smooth travel. The game engine is primarily Unity.

“Escape from Tarkov” Trailer:

We have attached the trailer clip. If you haven’t yet watched it, then do it now.

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