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“Hearthstone AMA”: Want to know what are the updates in the classic revamp of Hearthstone? Check out this AMA the creators did on Reddit!

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For a long time, indie game developers have used social media to reach out to their fans. Websites like Reddit, Twitter, or Instagram are quite efficient in interacting with fans. Recently, the creators of Hearthstone did an AMA on Reddit. Due to the recent revamp in Hearthstone, there was confusion among new updates. While the developers had announced the updates, fans had many questions for them. As a result, Dean Ayala (game designer) went to Reddit to answer all the queries. He clarified several details revealing that the revamp is a new quest in the game. Read the article to know more information about the classic revamp and the AMA.

Pre-revamp rumours: “Hearthstone AMA.”

Blizzard had recently announced their plan to revamp Hearthstone’s reward system. When the players heard of this, there were worries about the imbalance in the system. A lot of fans felt that the system was sound the way it. Others thought that the revamp would cause a low, disproportionate system. These worries and confusion are understandable since game updates are volatile. It is tough to predict what an update might bring, and the anxiety of a bad update accompanies such announcements. However, Ben Lee, the game director, has come forward to address these issues.

About revamp: “Hearthstone AMA”

Blizzard’s new revamp for Hearthstone is going to affect the reward system. Under this new system, the player will earn a bit more gold and non-gold. They have removed gold from rewards and replaced it with XP. We have also learnt that players will get as much or higher dividends. Ayala said that the system would try and reward all players with more. Blizzard is keeping the options open for inaccuracies in the design and will optimize it if need be. The AMA has more details about the revamp.

AMA summary: “Hearthstone AMA.”

Ayala answered several queries and while it’s impossible to list them all, here is a basic summary:

  • A new basic and classic set will be available from next year.
  • Tide Razor, Nat Pagle, and Extreme Angler backgrounds are going to get a redesign. Other environments might also see work on them.
  • There will be new game modes while Blizzard keeps arenas stable.
  • Players will get to see a lot of nerf reverts in Rise of Shadows, Tombs of Terror, or Descent of Dragons. However, they chose to do Buffs too, so it’ll be exciting to see how the balance plays out.

Other details are available on the Hearthstone Reddit AMA.

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