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“Recipe for Disaster OSRS”: If you’re a fan of the classic RuneScape and want to complete the 100th quest, then check out this easy walkthrough!

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One of the best gams to come out in the early 2000s is RuneScape. The game has been popular among fans of all ages for two decades now. Even today, there are new quests and fun gameplay that you can find in the game. It is surprising to see the community’s dedication towards the game. RuneScape falls in the category of online multiplayer RPGs or MMORPG for short. While the game isn’t necessarily challenging, completing quests can sometimes be challenging. Recently, the Recipe for Disaster quest came out. So, here’s a walkthrough of the mission you can use to progress.

Helping the Cook: “Recipe for Disaster OSRS.”

The quest starts with a cook in Lumbridge, asking you to help him prepare a feast. However, a culniromancer interrupts the dinner, and you learn about the cook’s connection. His ancestor was the head cook and had managed to trap the culniromancer in a different dimension. Since you are the cause of the escape, the Gypsy from Varrock telling you this sends you back in time. She informs you of the temporal paradox and asks you to fix everything. While the Gypsy can defeat the threat, she assigns you the task since you are the cause of this event.

Rescuing the Council: “Recipe for Disaster OSRS.”

Now, to free the council, here are the requirements:

  • Mountain Dwarf- Kill a level 13 Icefiend and complete the fishing contest.
  • Goblin General- Complete the Goblin Diplomacy.
  • Pirate Pete- You need Level 31 Cooking, be able to kill five levels 35 monsters, and finish Rum Deal.
  • Lumbridge Guide- You’ll need level 41 Cooking. Also complete the quests Big Chompy Bird Hunting, Biohazard’s Plague City, Demon Slayer, Murder Mystery, Priest in Peril, Restless Ghost, and Witch’s House.
  • Evil Dave- Attain Level 25 Cooking. Complete Gertrude’s Cat, Demon Slayer, and The Golem.
  • King Awowogei- Attain Level 70 Cooking, Level 48 Agility, and defeat Level 84 Big Snake. Also, complete The Grand Tree and Tree Gnome Village.
  • Sir Amik Warze- 107 Quest Points and access to the Kharaz Jungle necessary. Complete Family Quest, Heroes’ Quest, Shilo Village, Underground Pass, and the Waterfall Quest. You will also have to defeat a level 227 Black Dragon.
  • Skrach Uglogwee- Attain Level 41 Cooking, Level 20 Firemaking, and complete Big Chompy Bird Hunting.

Defeating the Culniromancer: “Recipe for Disaster OSRS.”

To defeat the Culniromancer, you will have to have 175 Skill Points. After that, you must complete the following sidequests:-

  • Desert Treasure- The Dig Site: Druidic Ritual, Temple of Ikov, The Tourist Trap, Troll Stronghold- Death Plateau, Priest in Peril, and Waterfall Quest.
  • Horror from the Deep- Complete Alfred Grimhand’s Barcrawl mini-quest.
  • Be able to defeat all enemies without Prayer.

That’s how you can defeat the Culniromancer!

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