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“World of Warcraft Classic”: Classic WoW gains a lot of success on Reddit and Twitch! Click here to know more!

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Reddit and Twitch started gaining visible stats on the popularity of the game, Classic Wow, a week after its release. It is a fifteen-year-old game, which is overloading the servers of Blizzard, comes under Reddit’s top 10 most comments, and is dominating Twitch, having its subreddit.

Want to know more about the Twitch viewership, realms, and subreddit of ‘World of Warcraft Classic,’ then scroll further to learn more!

World of Warcraft Classic’: Classic WoW’s viewership on Twitch

Ever since the launch of ‘World of Warcraft Classic,’ it is ahead of every metric since the first week of launch, especially if you look at the Twitch tracker. Classic WoW has over 2,84,000 average views, gaining over twenty per cent of viewership on Twitch. ‘World of Warcraft Classic’ also has been over 6,000 channels, making it have the highest number of live streams, dethroning Fortnite. For a long time, Fornite was the video game with maximum popularity and the highest live streams on the internet, but ‘World of Witchcraft Classic’ raised the bar with the craziest statistics out there. Classic WoW crossed over 48 million hours of watching on Twitch, which nobody can believe at all.

World of Warcraft Classic’: Classic WoW’s subreddit

The subreddit for ‘World of Warcraft Classic,’ has very lately crossed over 3,00,000 subscribers, making it one of the highest growing communities on the Reddit platform. ‘World of Warcraft Classic,’ ever since its launch, the subreddit for it grew to get the ranking of one of the top ten most comments on the Reddit platform, which is quite a huge deal.

The ‘World of Warcraft Classic’ gained an amount of over 1,30,000 recent subscribers just in August. It shows that Classic WoW gains over 4,100 subscriptions per day, which is fantastic! There are more subscriptions for the ‘World of Warcraft Classic’ subreddit than in the entire realms when the vanilla version launching happened. Only in August alone, Classic WoW’s subreddit got unique visitors of over 40,00,000.

‘World of Warcraft Classic’: The overloading of realms in Classic WoW

Classic WoW’s realms are starting to experience overloading, with the queue times increasing upwards of about six hours too long. Fortunately, Blizzard decided against bringing up the opportunity for transfer of free realm quite soon. The one thing people or players are talking about the success of ‘World of Warcraft’ is dating back to 2013 when J. Allen Brack commented on it at Blizzcon.

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