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“Minecraft”: How to use ‘Crossbow’ in Minecraft? Click to know about this item!

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Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios. It officially released in November 2011. 

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After the official release of the game, Jens Bergensten became the developer of Minecraft. This video game is available on various platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox 360 etc. and became the best selling video game of all time. 

There is one feature in Minecraft known as Crossbow. Do you know how to use it? If not, then don’t worry! 

We are here to tell you! 

About Crossbow 

A crossbow is a ranged missile that uses arrows or fireworks as a bullet. Although Crossbow uses iron in their crafting recipe, they cannot be smelted into iron nuggets. They are similar to bows however they took more extended time and are rarely more powerful, shooting farther with somewhat higher accuracy. 

Unlike bows, the firework rocket or arrow can fire, after fully charged. After fully charged, the player’s speed is back to normal. These can be placed in another inventory slot or into an item frame, without these missiles fired or unloaded. 

Crossbow VS. Bow (Which Is Better?) // Minecraft 1.14 - YouTube

To use the Crossbow 

At least one arrow or firework rocket must be present in the stock, to use a crossbow. The players can choose which kind of indicator to use based on location in their inventory: 

  • If the Crossbow is in the off-hand, then arrows in the off-hand or selected Hotbar slot are prioritised. 
  • If no arrows are in the off-hand or fixed Hotbar slot, then the arrow closest to place 0 is selected. 

These crossbows take around 1.25 seconds or 25 ticks to load. The player can load firework of the arrow of any colour. 

Repairing a Crossbow 

To repair a crossbow in an anvil or grindstone, you need to combine two crossbows. In the first slot, any loaded ammunition retained from the Crossbow. However, sacrificed in the second slot. 


The Crossbow has three unique enchantments: Multishot, Quick Charge and Piercing. 

  • Multi-shot: It shoots three arrows at once, however, consumes only one. Also, works with firework rockets, you cannot obtain extra weapons. 
  • Quick Charge: It reduces the reloading time by level * 0.25 seconds. It is slightly faster than a bow in grade 3. Also, it can cheat in to up to level 5. 
  • Piercing: It cannot pierce with armour stands or ender crystals. Arrows can pass through level +1 shields and entities with no damage fall off. 

Minecraft 1.10.0 adds new textures, shields, crossbows, and lanterns


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