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“Season 5 of Call of Duty”: Everything you need to know about Modern Warfare and Warzone!

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Season 5 update of Modern Warfare and Warzone is out now. And it is said to be one of the most considerable changes in the game to date with core map changes and added weapons. 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Going Through A Rough Patch ...

The update will be live through a large patch. It is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 

There are many added updates in season 5 of Call of Duty, and gamers are quite excited and happy about this new update. 

Here is what we know about the Call of Duty season 5: Modern Warfare and Warzone : 

Release Date: Call of Duty season 5: Modern Warfare and Warzone 

The season 5 of Call of Duty is live now and is now available for all PS4 users to download ahead. At first, the update was available for only some players, but now, it is possible for everyone. 

Unfortunately, this time Xbox One and PC users cannot participate in this aspect. 

The new season will begin today at 11 pm PT/7 am BST. 

Characters: Call of Duty season 5: Modern Warfare and Warzone 

Characters in season 5 include: 

  • Leach: A new leader of the new shadow company faction 

Two new characters will also arrive in the Item shop of season 5 which are: 

  • Velikan 
  • Morte

Call of Duty: Playlist Updates For The Week is Live ...

Plot: Call of Duty season 5: Modern Warfare and Warzone 

As mentioned above, the update is available now. It is live across PC, PS4, and Xbox One and will take up around 54 GB, 33 GB, and 49 GB on the hard drive, respectively. 

Important patch notes of the season 5 are: 

  • A train will tour around the track circulating the Verdansk map.
  • There will be likely two different weapons in season 5 
  • The previously secured train station will unlock. 
  • Expansion of shadow company operators. 
  • Supply crates will have distinct weapons than the previous season. 
  • The closed stadium in the previous season will open.
  • There will be more ways to measure tall skyscrapers efficiently. 

Modern Warfare multiplayer will also have new content in this update. Four new maps added for free to the base of Modern Warfare multiplayer. 

New maps available are as follows: 

  • Livestock for Gunfight 
  • Verdansk International Airport for Ground war 
  • Suldal Harbor for Multiplayer 
  • Petrov Oil Rig for Multiplayer 

Warzone is a new playlist known to be Mini Royale, which has its own trios mode and is a stable version of ordinary battle royale occasion from the warzone. It lowers the number of players sent into Verdansk. However, it accelerates the experience. 


Gameplay: Call of Duty season 5: Modern Warfare and Warzone 

Call of Duty is one of the most famous battle royale games which are available for smartphones, Xbox, and PC. The modern WarfareWarfare multiplayer will be receiving an update, which means the new 6v6 mode is getting four new maps. There is an increase in the damage range for all the rifles, which includes semi-auto DMR and semi-auto sniper rifles. The number of bugs fixed and more weapons added. 

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Trailer: Call of Duty season 5: Modern Warfare and Warzone 

The trailer of the season 5 of call of duty is out now. You can check out now.



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