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“Ross O’Donovan”: The Rubber ninja from Australia even contributed in Paradigm, Pinstripe, Hex Heroes video games!!!

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Ross Kenry O’Donovan, born on 17th June 1987, is also known as RubberNinja. He is an Australian animator, voice actor, and Internet personality. Ross is known for his commendable contributions in YouTube and  Newgrounds cartoons and animations. He even co-hosted the internet show Steam Train, a spin-off of YouTube Let’s Play web series Game Grumps.

Ross O’Donovan as an Animation artist

Ross graduated from Corpus Christi, studies and directed animation at the Films and Television Institute in Western Australia. Ross’s commendable contribution was in the series Gamer Tonight, where Arin Hanson has co-written and animated it. This series is a fictitious talk show known as Gamer Tonight with Richard Farkas, whose host would interview various types of gamers.

Ross then created Gameoverse, where Hanson featured as the speaker. Gameoverse return’s confirmation provided by  O’Donovan resulted in a huge uproar. O’Donovan started animating on Newgrounds, with a pen name of “RubberNinja.”  After getting famous, he took his animations to YouTube. But as he could not use the Rubber ninja username, he changed it to “RubberRoss.”

However, in January 2014, he finally received possession of the name RubberNinja. He uploaded a video on his old channel by informing subscribers to transfer over to his new one. But, this video is no longer available.

Ross’s contribution in Game Grumps

Hanson renewed the second show on the Game Grumps platform after Jon Jafari departed from Game Grumps in 2013. This show was idealised initially by O’Donovan but was initially called Steam Train. Additionally, Ninja Sex Party vocalist Dan Avidan came together with  O’Donovan as the co-host of the show. In the front, both the hosts play PC games. Moreover, this show broadened the channel’s output to three videos a day: on average, two standard Game Grumps episodes, and a single Steam Train episode.

Donovan didn’t stop here; he also has acted as a co-host of several other shows from the Game Grumps platform, such as Grumpcade, Steam Rolled, and Hunting Monsters. The infamous Youtuber O’Donovan was also a frequent guest on Table Flip. He has also created multiple content-related animations for Game Grumps Animated.

O’Donovan’s contribution to Filmography

Ross has also contributed to several web series, music videos and games. He portrayed as an exciting bike hooligan in Pandora’s box episode of There will be brawl series. Donovan showed himself in several series like Peanut Butter Gamer’s Hardcore series, and Did you know Gaming? Ross even contributed in Paradigm, Pinstripe, Hex Heroes video games.

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