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“Claudia Schiffer” turns 50 in Epic Supermodel Style. Her video is trending over the Internet. Click here to view more.

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Claudia has a fairy within. The way she celebrated her 50th birthday recently, shows why we call her a supermodel. Sharing a very long history in the glamour industry and being the face of 90’s movies the model still looks so pretty and young that she has never been. here is a video for you.

Internet sensation

Celebrating her 50th birthday in a blue gown holding cakes and blowing candles the actress shared her video on Insta-account. Her unique birthday gathered 804,914 views and 4526 comments where most of her fans wished happy birthday along with sharing blissful messages. Some admired her dress. While others prayed for her young age.

Video Comments

Here are some of the comments of the users:

One user quoted Happy birthday Angel welcome to the 50’s club, love you always!

While others wrote “Happiest birthday Claudia.”

One enthusiastic displayed her love for her saying “You are the happiest woman in this world inside and outside. Happy B. Day”

“You’re elegant very beautiful dress” quoted a viewer on her video.

Looking Classy

In the video, she has sported a blue laced Balmain costume perfectly made for her by Rousteing and styled by Lucie McCullin. For which she sincerely thanked them on the live occasion. She tweeted thankyou @Olivier Rousteing for my beautiful @balmian birthday dress, Along with mentioning I Love it in the caption. It absolutely exemplifies the blonde bombshell vibe that Schiffer has embodied since first bursting onto the modeling.

Her background


During his initial days, debuted as a successful model then appeared in children’s movie Richie rich. The German model-actress has risen to fame like her other counterparts Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawfords, and all other big faces of the 90’s era. She’s featured in several magazines, T.V. shows, and catwalks to date. Other than that she achieved a feat which no one ever achieved by appearing on the cover pages of the vogue magazine 16 times and other covers 1000 times which bought her the record of Guinness book.  All these efforts displayed how much glamour she holds in her. Indeed, her legacy of 5 long decades as a supermodel can never be forgotten.

A very happy birthday

As age is something beyond control and everybody has to go through this phase. But it is a great thing that she maintained herself well. we want to see more of her onscreen and offscreen.

Everybody is wishing her more fabulous years besides a very happy birthday. For more news and information remain connected with us. We will keep you posted on this.

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