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“Risk of Rain 2”: The mods which will make your gaming experience amazing!

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Developed by Hopoo Games, Risk of Rain 2 is a roguelike third-person shooter that released recently on 11th August 2020. It is the second installment of the Risk of Rain series. 

Risk of Rain 2 (2019) box cover art - MobyGames


Published by Gearbox Publishing, the video game is available on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. There are two modes available in Risk of Rain 2; it includes Singleplayer and Multiplayer. 


Do you know the game released recently, but still there are many good mods available? We have compiled the best ones. Here you go! 

Risk of Rain 2 mods 

As of now, Risk of Rain 2 doesn’t have steam workshop support, but it does have mods. Now, the excellent roguelike has 1.0 release available; modders are working hard and fast to add new playable characters, skins, and new features to this video game. 

The site where many mods are there is ‘’ In addition to 1.0 release, the game developers added an easy bit of code to check for mods and make it simple for players to play together with the same mods installed. 

Before downloading any Mods, you have to install API with which Mods work. Few of the APIs include: 

  • R2API 
  • BepInExPack 
  • RyanSkinAPI


Here is the list of best mods: 


  • Aatrox: He is the character from League of Legends and is one of the most popular mods of Risk of Rains 2. If you want to involve further in the game, then you can install this Mod to play. 


  • Lemurian: This Mod turns into one of the enemies of Risk Of Rain 2. Also, with a full ability set based around its attack. This playable character involves shooting flames out of mouth along with the twist. The twist is to pile up enough flame hits on enemies and then power up into the jumbo size elder Lemurian and can use unique skills. 


  • Sniper: Sniper is one character that is not available in the sequel of Risks of Rain. However, the Mod makes it appear in the second installment of this game. Sniper proficiency is to built around taking down enemies from a distance. 


  • Skillsplusplus: One of the mods that can turn Risk of Rains 2 into a progression focused game, however, within a run. This Mod can help you to earn points that you can use to power up your abilities individually. 


  • RonaldHuntress: If you want to make a playable character look like Ronald McDonald, then you can use this Mod. 

Risk of Rain 2 - REX Guide


That’s the wrap for today! 


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