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“Heidi O’Ferrall alleges her husband ProJared is involved in an underage sex scandal”!! Click to know all the details!

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Jared Knabenauer is a very famous YouTuber with more than a million followers. His youtube channel, “ProJared,” is one of the best gaming channels. Jared reviews games and other gadgets. He is also a pro player who squeezes out all the gaming details. Both his vibe and the information he shared took him to a million people’s hearts. But on May 9, 2019, Jared faced several allegations that were a big downfall to him. Also, it was from his wife, Heidi. Due to the controversies, Jared lost nearly 100k followers in a single day. It was a considerable number. Even though the couple is divorced now, still the allegations are alive. Heidi confessed that Jared is in a relationship with Holly Conrad and also about the underage sex scandal in which he is involved. To know more details continue reading the article until the end.

“Jared and Holly Conrad”:

YouTuber Jared Knabenauer married Heidi O’Ferrall after dating her for a long time. Heidi is a cosplayer. Also, their fans believed the two has a good relationship. Even people considered them as their idol partners. But on May 9, 2019, Heidi took to her Twitter handle to share her allegations about her husband. She said Jared is in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Holly Conrad. Holly is a costume designer. She was recently divorced. Heidi said she has proof about their relationship. They have shared some personal messages and pictures. The news was a shock to their fans.

“Jared in an underage sex scandal”:

Also, Heidi said Jared is in an underage sex scandal. He has a separate Snapchat and Tumblr account, where he shares intimate pictures and even nude images. He sends nude photos to his underage fans and forces them to do the same. After Heidi’s revelation, many people have come forward to reveal Jared’s true colors. Many shares their proof of his texts. One social media handle known as Chai shared the text exchange between Jared and him. He says Jared was aware that he was 16 but sexually manipulated him. Jared has sent his dick image and asked him to do the same. Chai accepts he has also shared his nude photos. Heidi says this is going on for a more extended period. But she came to know about it only recently.

“Jared and Heidi split”:

The couple broke off their marriage. Jared has lost nearly 100k subscribers in a day. Also, the numbers on other social media handles are scaling. He is still facing many criticisms. Heidi is taking care of their cat. She says it is her cat though many think the couple brought it together. The cat was with her even before she met Jared.

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