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“Spelunky Mods”: Everything that you need for an exemplary gaming experience! Click to know more!

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Most of us are quite familiar with Spelunky. But playing it every day for that daily challenge is quite dull, right? Yeah, there are various Spelunky mods available, but some of them are just mere file replacements. But then again, these mods may vary from being accessible to being thousand times complicated. But don’t worry, by the end of this article, you will have a solution to all your queries.

So, first of all, let’s begin with an aspect of Spelunky, which everyone would love to change, aka the soundtrack. The original music was far better than this new version. So, I would suggest you grab the Classic music pack, which will replace all the latest music with a lot of original music. Moreover, if you are nostalgic about the original version of Spelunky, and want to restore the old-time pixelated version, we may have a solution for you. You can achieve this using the Pixel mod. Now, let’s know some of the launching commands for these mods.

Guide for mod installation

Firstly, locate your Spelunky data folder. If you are using the Steam version, you can find it in Steam > steamapps > common > Spelunky > Data. Proceed by making a copy of your Music and Texture folders. You can then start by putting them somewhere safe.

  • Classic Music Mod: Replace your Music folder with the one contained in the download, and enjoy the retro (and superior) tunes.
  • Pixel Mod: Take the contents of the download and drop them into your Textures folder, overwriting the originals.
  • Classic Chaos Mod: Same as with the Pixel mod, drop the two files into your Textures folder, replacing the originals.
  • Additionally, the Damsel, Pug, Vlad, and Mega Man characters are .png files. Download them all for a fantastic experience.
  • Next,  you should download the Spelunky Mod Installer. After installing it, and run it. You’ll see a menu screen, and at the bottom, where you’ll see a link to download Python 3. Download and install Python 3.

Now, take the .png file for the character you want, create a folder called “repack” and drop the png file into it. Then, zip up the repack folder. On the Installer menu screen, you have to browse to your Spelunky folder, followed by the location of the repack.zip folder you made, and subsequently choose Texture Mod from the little drop-down bar. Then click “Install Mod.” Startup the game, and you should see your new character in the selection screen (typically replacing one of the default characters).

For more updates, stay tuned.

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