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Tristan Thompson Called Out For Throwing Party and Putting Daughter True At Risk!

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Shivangi Singh
Shivangi Singh
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Tristan Thompson recently threw a party at his house and also gather a large number of people in the house during this coronavirus pandemics which put on the daughter’s life in danger. Tristan neighbors also bashed him and shows anger for throwing a party and collecting a bunch of people in the house as well as in society. Tristan Thompson, daughter true to which is almost two years got at the risk due to COVID-19 situation in the whole world. For your knowledge, Khloe Kardashian is the wife of Tristan Thompson and mother of daughter true. This step by Tristan causes the neighbors to be shattered upon them.

A neighbor shared the video on Instagram!

Daisy Jean, the Playboy model shared a video of entering the cars in the colony. And she shares that there was loud music playing in the house which was disturbing for the neighbors as well as colony members. They live in Los Angeles Street in the same colony. The colony is a posh colony where most of the rich people and actors lives.  She shared the footage of that scene on Instagram on Saturday night.

Daisy jean is a model and social media influencer. In LA the citizens and residents are highly advised to stay at their home as well as keep social distancing from others which is possible due to COVID-19 pandemics in Los Angeles Street. Because this colony is in the orange zone and peoples are highly advised to stay at their home for their good. The government strictly advise them to follow the rules and in this condition Kardashian baby daddy throwing a party.

Daisy Jean wrote a caption with the video!

The model wrote, “Kardashian baby daddy being loud and throwing a party during pandemics at my street”. She also shared her arrogance in the post with the use of puking emoji. She called them irresponsible for child health. In this global emergency and coronavirus pandemic all over the world where peoples are social distancing with each other on the other hand, Tristan Thompson is partying.

She also tagged Tristan so that he listens to her and also take precautions for the baby’s health and never repeat this mistake. She also uploaded a Tristan image with his daughter so that he will realize his mistake and never done this again. For more updates stay tuned with us and keep reading.

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