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Unhatched “Dinosaur Egg” Reveals The Surprising Face Of A Baby ‘ Sauropod’!

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Shivangi Singh
Shivangi Singh
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Unhatched dinosaur in an egg fossil is a rare one to be found in millions of years. It concludes that the babies called sauropod were not the miniaturized one. The largest group of the sauropod is the baby Titanosaurus. They featured horns and facing forward eyes according to the new report and research conducted. These characteristic features disappeared on their own when the baby becomes adult. They were found with 4 legs and a long neck. Although the horn is of no use in searching foods as well as finding shelter for themselves to hide from other largest creatures and environment conditions.

Titanosaur babies, the group of sauropods!

They have their own rights after they hatch, Martin Kundra said through email. They have to do the two most required activities for their survival. The first one is 2 to defend from others like big creatures and other animals that are bigger than them. And the second is to collect food for themselves and search for their own food daily. Life and survival were very tough for these creatures.

Environmental conditions are also a big problem for them. As they have to hide in the forest and shelter them in the night. Due to their forward-facing eyes and stereoscopic vision they have the advantage of this because due to these eyes they can easily predict danger. This is the information which is researched by the researchers recently. As we know rare egg fossils founded recently and have these characteristics present in the embryonic skull.

Egg fossil founded in Patagonia Argentina!

Findings analyzed by the fossils found in Patagonia Argentina. A dealer named ‘Argentina’ brought this egg fossil to Terry Manning in 2001. The Fossil is about 80 million years old and placed in a museum for so many years. The egg contains the remaining embryonic which is rare. The fossils can be seen as very unique. The three dimensional preserved embryonic skull of the sauropod.

The exact species haven’t determined yet by the researchers and they are still working on it. To know the exact species they want more parts of the egg fossil. The research is continuing and they are finding the other remaining parts of the fossils just like the embryonic skull of sauropods. Martin Kundra is the one who gave this information by mail. And told about the working development going on on this rare egg fossil. For more updates stay tuned with us.


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