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“Warcraft Mods”: If you want to dive in the world of Warcraft then click to dive and dig deep into the “Warecraft mod” to get all the information!!

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Do you want to enjoy the game “WoW” at its maximum level, then here we present the best’ WoW mods’ for you. Continue reading to know everything regarding “World of Warcraft mods.”

Use the WoW mods to enter into the smooth journey of warcraft and be the master of the game.  Wow, mods make this game several times more enjoyable to play.


How to download WoW mods –

To download “World of Warcraft” mods is very easy and straightforward. You have to follow simple steps, and then you can enjoy the mods.

All you have to do is to download the app “Twitch app. “ This app lets you access the variety of addons automatically. It makes your installation, upgradation, and managing easy. Now you can enjoy the features that are not available in the game by default, like better pixels, resolutions, audio, and many other addons.

Some of the best ‘WoW addons’ of 2020  are –


You can name this mod as your lifesaver. This mod will give you sharp alarms when you are in the danger area. By default, it is difficult to track the dangerous and awful places in the game. But this mod solves your problem of dying in the middle of the game. It blows horns and different audios to make you aware of the situation.

Click here to download this mod.

OmniCC –

As you know, value small things also. This mod fits better in this phrase. This addon adds text to your action bar icons. Though this addon work is too low, it is beneficial as it displays your activity and cooldown time appropriately. This mod is useful during the gameplay to keep track of the cooldown time.

Click here to download this mod. 

OPie –

OPie is one of the most simple and easy mod to use. OPie creates contextual radial menus so you can easily use specific abilities on your action bar with just your mouse. So it’s straightforward to use.

Click here to download this mod.

Bagnon –

During the gameplay, it isn’t easy to take care of all the items present in your inventory . to keep track of your items; you have to check each bag one by one. This checking is a very cumbersome process while playing. But don’t worry, here comes this mod at your service. This mod lets you redesign your inventory in a particular pattern to make you look at that very easy . this helps you to keep track of your things very quickly.

Click here to download this mod. 

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