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Madonna’s former costumer reveals the backstory: click here to know more!

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Marlene Stewart structured some notorious outfits for the music recordings and live exhibitions of Madonna. She uncovered the backstory for one of the pop star’s most notable looks ever.

“All things considered, when I began working with her, I mean, it was actually a simple match since it resembled playing dress up,” Stewart told in front of the Video Music Awards 2020 on Sunday night. “We made some incredible memories. She’s extremely simple to work with on the grounds that she truly adores clothes. She knows her body and that is a piece of her look.”

About Stewart

Stewart, who began her vocation in style by working in the article of the garment industry, designed for the pop star from around 1984 to 1992. She was later working more vigorously in the film industry.

“She’ll give you the time that you require for fittings,” Stewart said of their working relationship. “So the most significant thing for an outfit creator is to have somebody that takes an interest and truly needs to be there. What’s more, presently numerous years after the fact, we can think back and realize that she comprehended the intensity of her look. So she gave it 100% or 1,000% of her consideration.”

Stewart wound up winning honors for the costumes she made in Madonna’s video for “Material Girl,”. It was propelled by Marilyn Monroe’s pink outfit during her performance of “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” in the 1953 film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” But Stewart additionally planned another key look throughout the entire existence of Madonna’s closet: her costume for the 1990 VMAs performance of “Vogue.”

French was the greatest frauds

“We know generally that the French were the greatest frauds and it’s the entire thought of voguing and posing,” Stewart clarified of her motivation for the outfit. “So it was the ideal chance. I recommended for this sort of French court circumstance with Marie Antoinette. It’s extremely one of the sources, correct? Everything they did was, Strike a pose.”

When inquired as to whether it was her thought, she said it was, before including, “I think one generally needs to state it’s a cooperation. I could state nothing was totally mine. Each time you work with an artist, you chip away at something together.” “It’s a collaboration, You can’t do anything without anyone else”

When asked whether Madonna was hard to work with, Stewart said that wasn’t the situation for her. She worked with the pop star for a long time. She was also additionally designing outfits for other powerful music recordings, including “Like a Prayer” and “Open Your Heart.”

Stewart work experience with Madonna

I don’t have the idea of whether I would utilize the word ‘easygoing’, Stewart included. “I think she has truly elevated guidelines and she comprehended what she needed and that is all fine. It’s smarter to have somebody that realizes what they need and what they like than somebody who doesn’t have a clue what they like for sure. That is really troublesome. You can work with somebody that comprehends what they really like. You need somebody that really has an opinion; else you burn through a great deal of time.”

“I imagine that she was in a very imaginative space around then. That was actually the root story, maybe, and making extremely exceptional things ourselves. She didn’t need designer works that she was an advertisement for. It was about her being unique.”

Taking into account that a portion of her plans, including Madonna’s dark slip dress in “Like a Prayer,” was esteemed dubious at that point. Stewart clarified she never gave the blowback much trustworthiness.


“I didn’t pay attention to it seriously. For certain individuals, it was extremely bumping and shocking and provocative. Yet I sort of have a nonpartisan inclination about it since certain individuals. Perhaps that was exceptionally strict, acknowledged it, and were offended.”

Stewart considered it to be an amusement

“I considered it to be amusement. You can say that she’s offering a political expression or that making contention is what Madonna does. However, she in every case simply switched things up. She pushed the limits like any artist would do.”

Stewart thinks back and recognizes that it was an extraordinary opportunity to be working in music recordings since music recordings truly directed such a large amount of culture.

“It was when video, despite the fact that it was the start, it was likewise kind of the peak time for MTV those couple of years,” she said. “We truly made patterns all around the globe and it truly was the start of development. So it was an inconceivable chance to be there around then and have those encounters.” “MTV was made for Madonna and Madonna was made for MTV.”

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