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NASA Shares Stunning Image Of Nearby Planet That Could Be “Habitable”! Click to know about the new discovery.

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Shivangi Singh
Shivangi Singh
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NASA discovered a lot from a century we all know that they’re on peak recently, an image disclosed by NASA shows that how the habitable planet close to our Earth looks like. This is termed as Proxima B which has a mild temperature to exist the water on its surface, said by NASA. Larger than earth and the closest one to the solar system. It is big enough as compared to our planet and the orbit’s red dwarf star Proxima. A new planet where life, water can exist said by NASA. It is habitable like earth and the pictures shared by NASA showing this possibility.

Scientists said it could be reached at the end of the century!

With the use of unharmed and tiny probes, it can be reached, believed by the scientist and team of NASA. By defining the artistic nature and characteristic of the planet, NASA told that” discovered in 2016, just like the size of Earth, a planet is orbiting to our nearest star must be habitable”! This was described by NASA and the team. The scientist is working on it and assuming that got success by the end of this century.

It is at the distance from where it allows the mile temperature to cool down the water on its surface. NASA also defines the characteristics of the planet and also share the images of the planet in the solar system. They are wondering that it may be like our Earth and life will be possible on it too. We all know life on earth is still the biggest unanswered question in the world after so many research.

About the image!

In the image, Alpha Centauri  AB can also be seen. But researchers said that this planet Proxima b is is heavier than the earth as well as huge in the size. Scientists said they are researching it briefly so that they can disclose more on the topic. This new one is known as Proxima c, which is about the size of half Neptune.

As we said the planet is heavier than our earth planet and also from the habitable zone orbit. At the starting of this year, scientists also discovered the second planet near the solar system. Now this one is looking as habitable as earth. The astronomers believe that it might be another exoplanet whose closest star to Sun. For more information about the topic stay tuned with us.

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