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Are Joyner Lucas and Ashanti dating? Duo’s tender kisses in ‘Fall Slowly’ music video has fans convinced : click here to know more!

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The characters of their music video are been observing and also experiencing the various phases of an unpredictable relationship. There’s certainly some obvious chemistry between the two artists.

About Joyner Lucas and Ashanti

Joyner Lucas and Ashanti are both recognized names in the Hip-Hop and R&B world, yet their most recent collaborative bop has their followers discussing something other than their singing. ‘Fall Slowly’, which fills in as the lead single for Lucas’ forthcoming EP ‘Evaluation. The artists are depicting a couple’s unstable relationship with such force and credibility that fans are being persuaded they may really be dating considering all the things.


The tune is a catchy and dreamy number around two hits or miss, sweethearts. They hold finding their way back to one another and it is now drifting worldwide on YouTube. The video is trending on YouTube with a large million views.

About the video

Throughout the video, the team is seen depicting a lovestruck couple. The couple experiences the various phases of an unpredictable relationship. From nestling and getting alcoholic together to contending in broad daylight and really coming to physical blows at a certain point. This may be all good enough with regards to delineating a beguiled at this point touchy pair of darlings in an anecdotal setting.

Yet what truly has watchers interested in the way that Lucas and Ashanti are seen sharing delicate onscreen kisses on different events. What’s more, these aren’t simply antiquated pecks on the lips. We’re discussing all-out French kisses that cause it to appear as though the couple is unaware of the camera during these hot scenes.

There’s unquestionably some obvious chemistry going on here. The verses of the tune seem to make the subtext of their relationship even more unequivocal. Ashanti had broadly dated the rapper, Nelly, for around 10 years before they bailed. Lucas has additionally separated from his significant other Jessica Andrea. So unmistakably the two artists are as yet dynamic in the dating game.

About the song

In the melody, Lucas admits “I love you more than I love myself / If I weren’t with you I can’t picture me with someone else.” He goes on to admit the incredible intensity of his relationship. He says “And if you ever left me for someone, you gon’ get someone killed / You know the vibes we on, be like some movie s**t / And we don’t always get along, but when we do we lit / I never understood love or what it truly is, until I met you.” Ashanti joins in on the floating hook by purring “Falling slowly, falling slowly.”

In any case, there definitely is a clear escalation of events in the sensational music video. As we see that Ashanti has found she is pregnant with Lucas’ kid. We likewise later observe Lucas get captured by the police as Ashanti looks on apathetically. So maybe they’re simply great entertainers and are loyally depicting the story circular segment of an energetic yet bound couple. It appears to be an excitable online. Media is as yet not exactly sure what to think about their most recent adventures.

We’ll simply need to keep a watch out on the off chance that they come out. Wait until they put a name on their relationship. For the time being, they’re only two artists who appear to be truly devoted to their chosen Craft.

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