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The Kerbal Space Program Mods available: A quick guide to install every mod! Click to know more!

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Kerbal Space Program is all about going to space today, where you will be able to plan, design, and fly. In this game, you can be a bold explorer or a scientist, or engineer of Planet Kerbin up into their atmosphere. You will roam into the Kerbin orbit, their Mun, and gradually, land on and explore all their worlds in their solar systems. This game helps in building an immense scientific knowledge and mechanical ingenuity along the way. So, isn’t it great, you would gain experience along with a lot of entertainment. You will assemble their craft and machines, along with the planning their missions. This game would also help you do the piloting, and this is where realistic physics enters the game. The game becomes particularly impressive when you come across transfer orbits, thrust/weight ratios. This KSP game initially released with early access in March 2013 and now is available on PS4, Xbox One, macOS, Linux, and Windows.

Kerbal Space Program Mods

  • kOS (Essential)
  • MechJeb (Essential)
  • Kerbal Interstellar Extended (Essential)
  • The Kerbal Engineer Redux (Essential)
  • Kerbal Alarm Clock (Quality of Life)
  • Environmental Visual Enhancements (Quality of Life)
  • Kerbal Attachment System (Quality of Life)
  • Docking Port Alignment Indicator (Quality of Life)
  • Telemachus (Parts & Misc.)
  • B9 Aerospace (Parts & Misc.)
  • BD Armory (Parts & Misc.)
  • Soviet Spacecraft (Parts & Misc.)

Steps to Mod Kerbal Space Program

From the very beginning, KSP always had an active modding community. All it consists of is several easy-to-access and aesthetic models. The organization has its interest in building and making. Initially, the distribution and those mods identification was quite a tough job, but now tools are present to make things simpler.


The curse forge is the biggest and the most famous World of Warcraft and Minecraft mod managers out there. But their KSP mods’ management is done correctly. There’s a great chance you have the desktop client installed already and integrated into the desktop Twitch app. The system works efficiently, and the library is often up to date. The curse is the official mod hosting service associated with KSP.

Steam Workshop

The Steam Workshop is one of the most notable platforms, where you can find the official mods of every single famous game. Additionally, through this platform, you can easily download other peoples’ vessels, bases, rovers, and stations to your libraries. But unfortunately, Steam doesn’t distribute more mechanically-aggressive content. So, if you are looking for designs and interested in a fantastic range, this Workshop is precisely the place to look.

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