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WhatsApp Beta Suggests Work on Vacation Mode Has restarted!! Click to know all the new features of “WhatsApp”!!

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In this era, who is not a fan of WhatsApp? Well, I guess no one ! we all use WhatsApp more often than any other app as a platform to revive and send important messages. So once again, WhatsApp is reporting on its old features once gain and planning to revive it in their new beta update. So please continue reading to know all the WhatsApp information and regarding its unique features.

Whatsapp is one of the most favourite and most useful app all around the globe. Rarely, there will be a  phone that will not have WhatsApp app. So Whatsapp technologists have to gain and again upgrade it so that they can provide their users with the best experience out of this beautiful app.

So in this context, WhatsApp recently is reporting that they re working on the “Vacation Mode “. It is a feature that gives you the option to mute archive chats even in the event of receiving new messages. Till now, we have an opportunity in our WhatsApp to archive our particular conversations, but when a new message comes up, the notification pop up. However, few users find it irritation, or it does not match their priorities. But you need not worry. This “Vacation mode “disables these features and gives a solution to your problem.

Howver earlier this feature was available on the WhatsApp, but a year back, this feature was removed from the options. No one knows the exact reason for doing so. But again  WhatsApp is reporting to bring this feature back in Whatsapp for its needy users.

The latest WhatsApp v2.20.199.8 beta for Android will support this new upgradation in the WhatsApp. This upgraded version comes up with the particular archived section,  that allows choosing of different parameters. And this new feature will enable you to move your archive chats to the top list. When you tap on this archive feature, you will encounter a notification bar. Within notifications, you will discover two new options  – Notify New Messages and Auto-hide inactive chats. You can choose any one of them.

If you decide to disable ‘Notify New Messages ‘, then the archived chats continue to stay in the archive even when new messages arrive. But the other Auto-hide inactive chats option is an extension of vacation mode. This option will automatically archive your six months old chats.

So these are new features on which WhatsApp is working recently, and you will have this upgradation in the latest WhatsApp v2.20.199.8 beta.

So enjoy these new upgradation.

Till them stay connected !! stay tuned !! for more details.


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