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Check out the best Rimworld mods to make your gaming experience fun and enriching!

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Developed and Published by Ludeon Studios, RimWorld is a management and construction simulation video game released on October 17, 2018. It is a singleplayer mode game and is available on platforms like Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. 

RimWorld Mobile Android Version Full Game Setup Free Download - ePinGi

When the game was launched, it was a bit boring with lots of bugs and lags. However, after the plethora of mods come into effect, the game becomes enriching and fun.

And if you too want to play the video game with the mods, we present you with the best mods for this game. Here you go! 

To Install the Mods 

Even though the mods make the game better, Rimworld is a bit strict on how it deals with the mod. If they find the mod bit awful, it will remove all of them. So, be right with the mods. 

For installing mods, you need to download Harmony from the workshop and set it to load even before the core game. 

Some of the mods require Hugslib. It is a community code library. 

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Best Rimworld Mods 

We have assembled the best and essential mods for you. Here you go! 


  • Dubs Bad Hygiene: What the game lacks most is hygiene, which is one of the basic needs as well. And if you are one of the organized players, then you need to install this mod. In this mod, Toilet, Sink, Shower, Baths, Pipe System, Waste Processing Plants, and Sewage are all added. Hence, making your colonists happier and satisfied. 


  • Colour Coded Moods: This mod makes it more accessible as every colonist has a bar behind them that works according to their mood. It goes down if their mood sours. Green is for delighted, Yellow for Meh, and Red for dismay. 



  • Fashion Rimsta: This mod adds plenty of new clothing options to the game. It also includes uniforms that improve colonist’s abilities in particular areas. And a recommendation; mix it with Apparello 2 for maximum customization. 

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That is all for today. For more updates, STAY TUNED with us! 


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