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How to Donate on Twitch and Support Streamers, Easy Way to Do it, ONE CLICK

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Nowadays social and entertaining platforms do not only give preference for entertainment but also earnings. Most people earn more money on social platforms compared to their occupational salaries. This is only because of the efforts they take to entertain people. Donation is a reward for their efforts. Twitch is one of the video streaming platforms. It is a good application for the video gaming world, gamers, creative arts, and artists. It let the viewers t donate money for their favorite streamers. This is the basic way for the streamers to earn money. Some streamers earn $100,000 per year using the Twitch donation option. In this article, we are going for a brief discussion about the easy methods to donate on Twitch.

Payment through PayPal

Donate on Twitch

As we said earlier, the Twitch app allows viewers to donate. This donation is one of the ways to show their love to their favorite streamer. This will help the streamer to stand economically strong. Also, let them stream his game for some more time and extend his streaming time. So, the viewers can also enjoy their favorite streamer’s gaming. This is one of the best ways to support your streamers and encourage them.

Twitch donation

Sending money or gift is not only the way to support your favorite streamer. There are so many ways to support them if you can’t support them monetarily. Read further, to know how many ways you can donate and support your favorite streamer.

How to donate on Twitch – Methods

Donate by Tip

You can directly donate your money to the streamer to whom you want to donate. It is the easiest step to donate to the streamer. In every streaming channel, there is a Tip option is given. By choosing the amount you want to send and clicking the Tip option, you can simply donate to them. In this method, your 100% tip is directly going to your beloved streamer.

Donate by Streamlabs

Most people use Streamlabs to donate to streamers. Because this gives many options to send money. This includes using both credit cards and PayPal. Here are the steps to donate and support your dearest streamer.

How to donate on Twitch

  • Install and log in to the Twitch app, if you have not logged in already.
  • Open the app.
  • Open the channel you would like to support.
  • Running through, it while seeing the Donation link.
  • After that, you will be directed to the donation page.
  • Fill out the requirements and click the Donate box.
  • After you will be asking for the payment confirmation. Submit your payment details and click OK.

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Donate by Bits

You can allow supporting your treasured streamer by buying bits from Twitch and sending it to them. This is also one of the methods to donate streamers in Twitch. Follow the instruction to support your streamer using bits.


  • Install and log in to the Twitch app, if you have not logged in already.
  • Open it.
  • Near your Profile picture which is on the top right, you can see the “Get Bits” button. Tap the button.
  • You will be directed to one page that has many offers to buy Bits.
  • Choose any deal and buy Bits by payments through Amazon pay, credit card, or debit card.
  • After choosing the payment method, click Pay Now option.
  • Again go to the app and open your favorite streamer channel.
  • Click the diamond-like icon on the chatbox.
  • Send your desired amount of bits.
  • Also, you can type “cheer50” to send 50 Bits and change the bit value if you want to donate more.

Suppose you donate 200 bits to the streamer, then he receives $2. The rest amount is taken by Twitch as a fee.

Twitch donation

Donate by PeachPay

PeachPay is also the best method to send and receive payments. This tool is very simple, flexible, and free to use. It can be used in Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and so many. Here you will understand how to sign in and make payments through PeachPay.

  • Install and create an account on PeachPay.
  • Connect a Stripe account in PeachPay to receive payments. You can also receive cryptocurrency using this app.
  • Click the ‘Create Payment link now” button.
  • Copy the URL.

donate on twitch

  • Open the Twitch app.
  • Tap the ‘Channel button’.
  • Then press the “Edit Panel” option.
  • Click the + icon on the screen.
  • Paste the copied URL.
  • Confirm the setting by clicking the ‘Submit’ option.

After linking PeachPay with Twitch, you can easily make payments and support to your favorite streamer.

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Donate by Subscribe your streamer

Subscription is the best make give support to your favorite streamer. There are so many subscription plans in Twitch. This plan includes $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99 per month. With this subscription, your streamer can get fame and they can reach many others. This subscription method not only gives benefits to the streamers but also the subscriber. The advantages include watching Ad-free videos, Sub badges, emotes to your chat, and many others.

You can also make a subscription with your amazon prime account. Amazon prime gives you one of the best subscription plans. If you have joined amazon prime with a Twitch account, then you can get one free channel subscription for one month. You can also gift to your favorite subscriber by clicking the “Gift a Sub” option.

Donate on Twitch – Conclusion

Using the above methods, you can donate your beloved streamer. This will make the streamer feel so happy. He can also be economically strong. Donate by Streamlabs, Bits, PeachPay, and subscription plans are the way, you can monetarily support them. If you can’t monetarily support them, then you can do some other techniques to support them.

donate on twitch

Watching every video streams your favorite streamer stream is one of the best methods to support them. Commenting on your views on their streaming video will encourage and support them to increase their streaming time. Like their videos and share to other people will majorly help them in increasing their name and fame. Also, you can share your ideas to help their journey and make it better through chats. This is the best way to support your favorite streamer.

donate on twitch


  1. What is the main purpose of the Twitch app?

The main purpose of the Twitch app is to entertain people by streaming videos.

2. What is the worth of 20,000 bits?

If you donate 20,000 bits to the Twitch app, then the subscriber received $200.

3. Is it necessary to pay tax for the money received as a donation on Twitch?

Yes, it is necessary to pay tax for the money received as a donation on Twitch.


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