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“Minecraft 1.12”: Get the best mods for your Bedrock and Pocket edition Minecraft game for 2020! Click here to know more!

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On its own, Minecraft is an amazingly not restrained game, but for the game to glisten genuinely, it needs the help of mods. Being one of the most famous games ever to exist, Minecraft has a massive amount of significant mods available out there. Due to this, it can be a little challenging to go through every single mod. However, in this article, you will find all the best mods needed for your ‘Minecraft 1.12′ version. The updation is already complete with regards to 2020 in the list of mods, with the Minecraft mods’ newest versions. In the list, the names of the mods are of those that support the latest Minecraft version. Therefore players can easily pick any mod they want to use.

We can see that, as the years go by, Minecraft ahs made their mods much more comfortable to access, and the modding procedure has also become more straightforward. The Twitch owned Curse Forge platform is the easiest and quickest way to get all Minecraft mods. However, managing mods might be problematic for players because  Minecraft released numerous mods over the years. There is no surety that every mod available here goes hand in hand with the latest Minecraft version, and some mods need the installation of Forge’s legacy versions for them to run. Fortunately, the older mods’ installation process is easy to do because most of them have instructions. Without wasting any more time, let us jump into all the best mods for the ‘Minecraft 1.12’ version.

‘Minecraft 1.12’: List of all the latest mods for a better experience


  • Millenaire- This mod helps fix places that were nothing or even rural into something more modern, adding lots of things and people, filling up space.
  • Fossils and Archeology Revival- This mod helps bring in the dinosaur aspect in the game, with players having to discover and explore dinosaur fossils, skulls, etc.
  • Jurassic Craft- This mod helps players make their Jurassic world by extracting dinosaur DNA from all the skulls and fossils they find. Players can take prehistoric plants from that world but must be careful of hungry dinosaurs.
  • Myst craft- This mod lets players travel around a multiverse.
  • Animal Bikes- Players can make and ride vehicles of different types using this mod.
  • Natura- Players can make their house look more beautiful by using this mod to add colourful trees and plants.
  • The Aether II- This mod is the heaven realm of Minecraft, the opposite of the hell realm Nether.
  • Thaum Craft- Thaum craft is one such mod, making being a sorcerer much more interesting in Minecraft.
  • Twilight Forest- This mod creates a dense forest filled with monsters and treasures.
  • Forestry- Forestry is the perfect mod for players interested in the aspects relating to agriculture.
  • Chameleon Creepers- This mod spices things up by making creepers blend entirely into the surroundings, making it difficult for players to see.
  • Chisel- This mod provides players with more decorative choices.
  • Pam’s Harvest Craft- This mod helps by adding more vegetables, crops, and fruits.
  • Hunger Overhaul- This reduces the hunger each food gives, making it challenging.


Many other mods available are:

  1. The Spice of life
  2. Biblio Craft
  3. Galacticraft
  4. Eyephone mod
  5. Tinker’s construct
  6. Thermal expansion
  7. Railcraft
  8. EnderIO
  9. Applied Energistics 2
  10. Open blocks
  11. PneumaticCraft
  12. Project Red
  13. Super Factory Manager
  14. Portal Blocks

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