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“Mod of the Week”: A Bunch of Spelunky HD Mods to improve your gaming experience!

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Have you been playing a great deal of Spelunky? Do you feel that although Spelunky is distinctive every time you play it, it’s merely not diverse enough? Do you vow not to issue me about these not so much being mods, however, record substitutions? At that point, read on! 

Mod of the Week: A Bunch of Spelunky HD Mods | PC Gamer

Since this segment will cover a lot of various disconnected “mods,” I’m merely going to discuss them first, and afterwards beneath I’ll give all the connections and different establishment guidelines, which shift from “Bit of cake!” to “For what reason is this so f**king confused? I WANT TO PLAY SPELUNKY AS A PUG!”

We should begin with a part of Spelunky. Most would concur could utilize some changing: the soundtrack. I’m not proposing the new Spelunky’s music is awful. It’s fine. However, the first music was superior to fair. It was damn fine and had the right to be heard by this new, youthful age of Spelunky players who weren’t around in yesteryear (2009). That is to say, wouldn’t you instead tune in to something like this while playing? That is why you ought to introduce the Classic Music Pack: it replaces all the new music with the first music’s entirety.

Possibly going all out pixel is excessively a very remarkable duty? You can plant a spiked boot in the two universes with the Classic Chaos mode. It gives you thick designs regarding the vast majority of the earth, gold, jewels, and pots, yet leaves your character, adversaries, weapons, and certain surfaces in all their HD brilliance. It’s a decent trade-off for the individuals who need to act retro yet aren’t excessively retro, similar to when I imagine I incline toward the first Ocean’s Eleven or Cape Fear the revamps. Spelunky LunkyBox v1.0 - Ingame Menu Mod With Object Spawner - YouTube

Regardless of whether you’re not keen on changing the music or visuals, it’s difficult to oppose playing as an alternate Spelunker on occasion. For example, why not play as the Damsel for a change? 

You’ve seen her remaining around defenselessly, passing out kisses to Spelunkers, similar Spelunkers. They are similarly prone to forfeit her to Kali in return for some bomb glue or lose her over a cavern to design a snare or open a case, or essentially abandon her since they would prefer not to leave behind a rope. Presently, at long last, SHE can be the one treating Damsels horrendously.

Classic Music Mod:

Supplant your Music organizer with the one contained in the download, and appreciate the retro (and predominant) tunes. 

Pixel Mod:

Take the substance of the download and drop them into your Textures envelope, overwriting the firsts.  

Classic Chaos Mod:

Same similarly as with the Pixel mod, drop the two documents into your Textures organizer, supplanting the firsts.  

The DamselPugVlad, and Mega Man characters are .png records. Download them! 

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