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“The Sims 4 mods”: Here are some amazing mods that you can install for Sims 4 and have fun!

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Sims 4 is a simulation game from the game developers Maxis Studios, and EA published the game. The game came out in 2014 across most platforms and was a huge success. A lot of its success comes from the creative yet fun ideas that the devs applied for the AI. Although there have been other titles before the game, Sims 4 performed the best amongst all of them. As a result, the modding community for the game is very active and has a lot of mods out there. If you’re wondering which ones you should get for Sims 4, here’s a list of the best ones for you.

Height Sliders: “Sims 4 mods.”

Sims 4 has been providing new expansions, updates, and little tools for the game for a while now. EA added a tool called Create-a-Sim, which allows players to create their very own Sim. However, there was a catch with this tool since it could only regulate the width. The player could make their Sim fatter or thinner with this option, but not taller or shorter. As a result, a mod creator by the name of GODJUL1 made this mod. Applying this mod will allow the user to change the height of their Sim. You can get this mod here.

Melanin Pack 2: “Sims 4 mods.”

Being able to choose skin tone in games is something the entire community wishes to have. It helps people of all colours to relate to the game’s narrative. While the option was available in The Sims 4, it was a bit broken. When a player chose a darker skin tone, the complexion of the Sim would become grey. The weird, pale look was very unappealing, and players dislike that about the game. Fortunately, you can use the Melanin Pack 2 and tune it to your personal preference. The complexion is better, and there are more options. Get the mod here.

Life’s Drama: “Sims 4 mods.”

Sims 4 has some hilarious moments whenever the Sims get into a fight or have a quarrel. However, what if there was a mod that could increase this Drama? Life’s Drama introduces 11 new dramatic scenarios for the game. There are so many possibilities of events that could happen, which makes this mod extremely fun. You could take pleasure in observation, or you could intervene. However, there’s no need to stop them since they are very entertaining. One of the most fun mods to have in Sims 4, we recommend getting it through this link!

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